Lovelace: mini graph card


I can’t seem to get it to display a bar graph as opposed to line, can anyone shed some light on this? running latest version.


@yoni3210 what is the AC thermostat card? It looks awesome!


Your indentation is wrong, show should be on the same indentation level as type and entities.


The “show:” part is not part of entities, it needs to be at the same “level” of entities:

  - entity lists
  show options```


I think he is using this:


Can you please send me the code?


Sorry, what code are you referring to?
@maurizio53 did share the code here:


Still not working when I do that.


Ok turns out even though tracker card said it was updated it want actually. I manually downloaded to get it working.

To clarify. If I am using tracker card do I still need to add the reference in the raw config editor?



Quick question regarding this instruction:
“ 1. Add a reference to mini-graph-card-bundle.js inside your ui-lovelace.yaml

Do I have to make/use ui-lovelace.yaml or can I just add the reference to the top of the storage mode config using the raw config editor?


Yes just add resources in the raw editor…


Yes. I have access to file


If you are using custom_updater do this:

Replace ?v=0.3.0

Change /local/
With /customcards/

If you’re not using custom_updater remove the ?v=0.3.

Let me know :slight_smile:


Sorry if this has been answered already, but is it possible to make the bar graph display absolute values rather than averaged values?

Case in point: I have a sensor that updates once a day with the previous day’s electricity usage. I would like a bar graph display of all of the last, say, 2 weeks worth of values with a single bar for each day. So I set my hours_to_include to 2 weeks and my values_per_hour to 1/24.

The problem is that the graph is dependent on the time it is viewed - if I view it at 10am, each bar will represent the average value from 10am to 10am on sequential days - so if on Tuesday it was 6, and on Wednesday it was 4, the bar will cover both Tuesday and Wednesday and display 5.

I could use a line graph - but I don’t want to :slight_smile:

Any ideas how to circumvent this problem?


Sorry - I’ve just seen this, which relates to my question above. Has this been implemented or is it still in the works?


Hey, I’m still playing around with it, the timestamps would get messed up so have to fix that.

I don’t see how that would be useful for your use case though.

Here’s an answer to a similar question as yours, there’s more info if you scroll through the thread.


Thanks. I’m not use custom_updater. I remove ?v=0.3.0 and not work


Can you try to use this code instead?

type: custom:mini-graph-card
  entity: sensor.temperature
  name: Temperature


That’s fine, I’ve got it looking nice with the line graph instead :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to include a show: option to include or exclude dates from data points? As mentioned I have my graph charting data use through the week - it would be handy to see dates for each peak and trough