Lovelace one panel full screen Link address

Need help with lovelace front UI. i want to know a way to display one panel full screen without any menu bar on top or bottom. i want to display this to my wall tablet for light switches.

Fully kiosk browser, with compact-custom-header

thanks, but the compact-custom-header dont think support hide or modify top bar with the latest firmware. i have already added this function.

kiosk mode,


thank Matt… i had to reinstall the compact custom header after july2019 update. But first reading on how to, which took little time lol. Thanks again for quit reply… now let see if i can hide tabs and will update once completed

Most of this stuff updates quite often. Good luck, hope it works out for you.

Works perfectly as i wanted… full screen display without header and side menu for the wall tablet user. Just one switch tab as above pic.

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Here is the final switch, did little modification… Let me know how it looks :slight_smile: During the Holiday break will be adding maybe a clock and room temp on the switch background. Later on fan switch will be added as well.



That looks awesome! Great job!

Just to help point others like myself in the right direction, Compact Custom Header has been replaced with Custom Header:

Updated UI with new Custo Header and Picture Element. Using Rasp3 Full screen Chromium


Can you share your lovelace config for this?

You can use Home Panel for this. Login using port 8234 and create any dashboard you want without menus etc. Very nice for guests and people you do not want having access to menu items.

geeked is correct use Home Panel if you are starting up. i have more then 1000 lines just to look like above pic in my view.yaml. its almost same as designing a floorplan.yaml file. Not Fun lol. The background is all custom design. Even the light switches. If you are able to design a floorplan then this is 5 times more pain to do. lol

this is an older pic and its my test wall in the basement…