Lovelace open picture-entity card via automation

Hi All,

I have a picture-entity card which I would like to be shown automatically when a certain sensor becomes high. In the ideal case, the correct tab will be selected and the picture-entity card will be opened as if there had been tapped on it.

This will be used in a doorbell system: the doorbell sensor (template sensor) will trigger the camera stream (picture-entity) of the door camera to be shown automatically.

The only info I could find about this is from 2017 and not very conclusive:

Thanks for any pointers!

You can do this with a custom integration.

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Thanks for the suggestion, this works great!
It’s a shame that this integration isn’t included in Home Assistant by default.

Very interested in this, just set it up on my tablet with a automation and it works well.

Is there a way to auto close the pop up info window after a set time?

Ops, stupid question, well it is Boxing Day.

service: browser_mod.close_popup

is there any way to open the live camera view? i am able to pop up picture entity card with browser mod more info( or pop up). but the entity card that appears is not live stream, rather its a picture that is updated after few seconds. Is there any way to view live view on pop up without clicking on picture entity card?