Lovelace Raspberry Pi Status Card

@KingRichard I think you may be missing one use model. If you have a small farm of RPi’s & Onion Omega2+'s not just one running HA then you might like having MQTT as the receiver/forwarder for all of them. Then you have a dashboard showing all of them at a glance. For Example:

well in my case hacs come in handy… by using home-assistant-remote which work very nice…But I do agree when you have tons of RPI running. In my case my main Host is synology and have 1 extra RPI for connecting some of my BT devices

I got this working, but noticed some errors in my yaml saying there are 2 sensor: entries. It’s true one for Aarlo and one for MQTT. How do I keep both of these, partition the yaml into multiple files?

How can I get the used memory to display it in a graph?

I only get the string from mqtt, but need just the value from free_mb.

free_mb: '3090.520'
size_mb: '3827.941'

Hello together

I’m doing something wrong with the “RPi-Reporter-MQTT2HA-Daemon” and hours of searching didn’t get me any further.

I (finally) receive data in HA. E.g. displayed with a debugger in Node-Red.

...{"info": {"timestamp": "2020-11-23T12:46:45+00:00", "rpi_model": "RPi 4 Model B r1.1", "ifaces": "e,w,b", "host_name": "Unifi-Controller", "fqdn": "Unifi-Controller.unifi-controller", "ux_release": "buster" .....

I have connected the Lovelace Card, but I do not receive any data. I noticed that probably the hostname is not correctly taken over. The debugger always shows "home/nodes/sensor/rpi-{hostname}/monitor ". Without the hostname.

does anyone have an idea?
Thanks in advance

Have you looked at Configuration -> Devices and then tried to locate the discovered RPi? once you find it you can use the sensor name in your lovelace config to attach to the sensor.

Hi @IronSheep
Thanks for replay. I can’t see any Devices in the Device view.

I have installed the Daemon on an other Pi. Just to make sure, I did all as mention in your

The Daemon connects zu Mosquitto broker on my HA.

1606684326: New connection from on port 1883.
1606684326: New client connected from as auto-666B58A2-2A1F-3EDB-CF25-E082D1C2FE8C (p2, c1, k60).

the log shows the following:

2020-11-29 22:28:52 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mqtt] Received message on homeassistant/sensor/rpi-{hostname}/monitor/config: b'{"name": "Rpi Monitor Node-Red-Prod", "uniq_id": "RPi-dca632Mon3102aa_monitor", "dev_cla": "timestamp", "stat_t": "~/monitor", "val_tpl": "{{ }}", "~": "home/nodes/sensor/rpi-{hostname}", "pl_avail": "online", "pl_not_avail": "offline", "ic": "mdi:raspberry-pi", "avty_t": "~/status", "json_attr_t": "~/monitor", "json_attr_tpl": "{{ | tojson }}", "dev": {"identifiers": ["RPi-dca632Mon3102aa"], "manufacturer": "Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd.", "name": "RPi-Node-RED-Prod", "model": "RPi 4 Model B r1.1", "sw_version": "buster 5.4.72-v7l+"}}'

2020-11-29 22:28:52 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mqtt] Received message on homeassistant/sensor/rpi-{hostname}/temperature/config: b'{"name": "Rpi Temp Node-Red-Prod", "uniq_id": "RPi-dca632Mon3102aa_temperature", "dev_cla": "temperature", "unit_of_measurement": "C", "stat_t": "~/monitor", "val_tpl": "{{ }}", "~": "home/nodes/sensor/rpi-{hostname}", "pl_avail": "online", "pl_not_avail": "offline", "ic": "mdi:thermometer", "avty_t": "~/status", "dev": {"identifiers": ["RPi-dca632Mon3102aa"]}}'

2020-11-29 22:28:52 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mqtt] Received message on homeassistant/sensor/rpi-{hostname}/disk_used/config: b'{"name": "Rpi Used Node-Red-Prod", "uniq_id": "RPi-dca632Mon3102aa_disk_used", "unit_of_measurement": "%", "stat_t": "~/monitor", "val_tpl": "{{ }}", "~": "home/nodes/sensor/rpi-{hostname}", "pl_avail": "online", "pl_not_avail": "offline", "ic": "mdi:sd", "avty_t": "~/status", "dev": {"identifiers": ["RPi-dca632Mon3102aa"]}}'

I added the following lines to the configuration.yaml file

# MQTT Raspberry Pi Daemon (
sensor mqtt:
  - platform: mqtt
    name: "MQTT Monitor Node-Red-Prod"
    state_topic: "homeassistant/sensor/rpi-Node-Red-Prod/monitor/"

nothing, no additional device nor Entities…

sorry, I am standing in front of a mountain
kind - Roger

Ok, lets try another approach… please make sure your MQTT auto discovery is enabled. Then see how things look.

Here’s info

I understand that, according to the documentation, discovery is enabled by default. Nevertheless I still have added

  discovery: true

to the configuration.yaml file

do i have to have raspberry pi os installed on the other rpis or doesn’t it matter on what system they run? on the rpis i want to monitor i have dietpi and yunohost running. will this work?

From memory, it needs Python 3.5 (or higher) to get the mqtt client library which means it will not run on some cutdown or very old operating systems.

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i added the lovelace card and the script on the pi as told in the documentation. the pi is a pi2 with dietpi running on it.

systemctl status isp-rpi-reporter.service
● isp-rpi-reporter.service - RPi Reporter MQTT Client/Daemon
   Loaded: loaded (/opt/RPi-Reporter-MQTT2HA-Daemon/isp-rpi-reporter.service; enabled; v
endor preset: enabled)
   Active: active (running) since Sat 2020-12-19 07:47:05 GMT; 11s ago
 Main PID: 10184 (python3)
   Status: "Dec 19 07:47:04 - * MQTT connection established."
    Tasks: 4 (limit: 2182)
   CGroup: /system.slice/isp-rpi-reporter.service
           └─10184 /usr/bin/python3 -u /opt/RPi-Reporter-MQTT2HA-Daemon/ISP-RPi-mqtt-dae

everything - i think - worked fine so far, but i can’t find the pi in the devices list. autodedection of mqtt is turned. when i check the mqtt-logs i see that there is an error, but i don 't understand what it means (…69 is my pi):

1608363880: New connection from on port 1883.
[INFO] found mqtt on Home Assistant
1608363881: New client connected from as auto-C70DB27C-F4E8-3598-A2E6-23FB2C6BC092 (p2, c1, k60, u'mqtt').
1608363987: Socket error on client auto-C70DB27C-F4E8-3598-A2E6-23FB2C6BC092, disconnecting.
1608364024: New connection from on port 1883.
1608364024: New client connected from as auto-CB115497-5351-31AF-B93B-FCEAA8194D04 (p2, c1, k60, u'mqtt').
1608364681: Saving in-memory database to /data/mosquitto.db.
1608364725: Socket error on client 3B7e70iy4l0Uuy46BoioEM, disconnecting.

maybe this has to do with another issue. when testing the script on the pi, it connects to the mqtt and delivers the data but at the end does not go back to the command line. it just stops. command line is only shown when i press ctrl-c.

[email protected]:~# python3 /opt/RPi-Reporter-MQTT2HA-Daemon/

[2020-12-19 07:09:02] * MQTT connection established
[2020-12-19 07:09:02]
[2020-12-19 07:09:03] Announcing RPi Monitoring device to MQTT broker for auto-d        iscovery ...
[2020-12-19 07:09:04] Publishing to MQTT topic "home/nodes/sensor/rpi-{hostname}        /monitor, Data:{"info": {"timestamp": "2020-12-19T07:09:03+00:00", "rpi_model":         "RPi 2 Model B r1.1", "ifaces": "e", "host_name": "DietPi", "fqdn": "DietPi.home        ", "ux_release": "buster", "ux_version": "5.4.72-v7+", "up_time": "18 days,   9:        39", "last_update": "2020-12-18T23:50:58+00:00", "fs_total_gb": 32, "fs_free_prc        nt": 10, "networking": {"eth0": {"IP": "", "mac": "b8:27:eb:65:61:        63"}}, "drives": {"root": {"size_gb": 32, "used_prcnt": 10, "device": "/dev/root        ", "mount_pt": "/"}}, "memory": {"size_mb": "974.387", "free_mb": "808.012"}, "c        pu": {"hardware": "BCM2835", "model": "ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l)", "number_cor        es": 4, "bogo_mips": "230.40", "serial": "00000000eb656163"}, "throttle": ["thro        ttled = 0x0", "Not throttled"], "temperature_c": 35.8, "temp_gpu_c": 35.8, "temp        _cpu_c": 35.8, "reporter": "ISP-RPi-mqtt-daemon v1.5.4", "report_interval": 5}}"

do you have any hints what my issue could be and how to fix it?

Look like it is working.
The default for the client side is that it keeps running and sends updates every 5 minutes … which is why it did not return to command line prompt.

So the challenge is to find it in HA.
Try looking under Configuration/Entities and filter for rpi

I already did this - but couldn’t find it.

what do you think does the socket error mentioned above mean?

The most common cause for that error based on my quick search is that user and password are not matching between the MQTT broker configuration and the client trying to connect with the broker.

If this were the problem it might also explain why you don’t find any RPi devices.

Check the MQTT traffic with an MQTT monitor app like MQTT Box or MQTT Explorer. One of these might provide additional insight.

I hope this helps.

@Aschi this suggests there is something not right with your config.ini. The {hostname} must be replaced by your RPi hostname for this to work correctly.

The distribution config.dist.ini has a commented out line #sensor_name = rpi-{hostname}
Please make sure this is still commented out in your config.ini

Does this help?

thanks for the hints!

what i did now is to comment out line #sensor_name = rpi-{hostname} added to discovery to configuration.yaml and rechecked user/password (were ok).

also in mqtt-logs the socket errors do not seem to appear anymore.

BUT: now i can’t use the entities in the lovelace card as they are marked as “non available”

do you have any idea to make them available?

Two things come to mind.
(1) if the RPi daemon is running then it reports once every 5 minutes. So it could show up almost 5 minutes after in your lovelace interface.

(2) If the daemon is NOT running then it will show up in HA as offline once the device did register to HA.

Do either of these help?

I installed from hacs … everything seems to be in order but I can’t find the entity !!! I am looking for help thanks


i have a cutom theme google dark theme installed from hacs
now everything is dark but not your card