Lovelace Raspberry Pi Status Card

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@KingRichard I think you may be missing one use model. If you have a small farm of RPi’s & Onion Omega2+'s not just one running HA then you might like having MQTT as the receiver/forwarder for all of them. Then you have a dashboard showing all of them at a glance. For Example:

well in my case hacs come in handy… by using home-assistant-remote which work very nice…But I do agree when you have tons of RPI running. In my case my main Host is synology and have 1 extra RPI for connecting some of my BT devices

I got this working, but noticed some errors in my yaml saying there are 2 sensor: entries. It’s true one for Aarlo and one for MQTT. How do I keep both of these, partition the yaml into multiple files?

How can I get the used memory to display it in a graph?

I only get the string from mqtt, but need just the value from free_mb.

free_mb: '3090.520'
size_mb: '3827.941'