LovelaceUI: Does it support to show a persistent_notification?

Does it support to show a persistent_notification? Just like the welcome introduction

you can use a markdown card to show any text you want at all times.

also, this is a link to the documentation and the sidebar has all the cards that you can learn about:

ohh, i write a custom component to show the latest movies, so i don’t know how to show it by lovelace.

Ok, this custom component, does it use a custom UI?

No, i write it based on introduction component

I’m not familiar with that process, so I don’t think I can help you transfer it to lovelace. Unless you post the code, then I may be able to help.

this is my code

Ah, you are going directly to that component. We should press a developer on this one. @ciotlosm any thoughts on this? He’s using a custom component with this call:


@morestar I looked at your code, so couple of things:

  • Don’t put tokens or api keys on github, it’s bad for you
  • You can switch from using persistent notification to just building a sensor that a custom card could read. You can look here for a simple example of a complex sensor:
  • If you still want to keep persistent notifications you can write something up with monster card to get them displayed. I might look at building a temporary notifications card with a dismiss button.

@petro He doesn’t need persistent notification, just a card with a sensor, unless the “Dismiss” functionality is required.

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thanks, this key is public, maybe i need to building a sensor now.

There is a feature request for this