LSC Smart Connect [ACTION]

ps dont blame me if it bricks your device :crazy_face: it worked for me

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First I had to power off/on the light strip. Then I could install a minimal firmware (I used the ESPHome script where I stripped out all the LED specific items). After that I could install the WLED firmware.

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Anybody found a solution for this?

Dear, all,

I’m trying to flash my Sensor (LSC), but get following result. Is this how it should look like?

Starting smart config pairing procedure
Waiting for the device to install the intermediate firmware
Put device in EZ config mode (blinking fast)
Sending SSID vtrust-flash
Sending wifiPassword
Sending token 00000000
Sending secret 0101

SmartConfig complete.
Auto retry in 2s. ./ line 106: 10443 Terminated ./smartconfig/



Hello @gijsje,

Sorry for asking these (stupid) questions but I’m new to Home-Assistant and I want to add my devices to it.
I have added ESPHome to my virtual server and I think I’m ready to add my lamps (few bought in Action and a few bought from Wish).

With what firmware did you flash the led strip and if I want to add all my lamps what is best practice?

  1. Flash the firmware on 1 lamp and add it to HA so I can recognize the lamp, repeat this step for every lamp.


  1. Flash all the lamps and add them all to HA


You need to flash the controller first with some other firmware the one that is on the controller can only be used with tuya apps.
You can use tuya covert to first flash tasmota formware.
Then you can upload a new bin firmware file that is made with esp home.
Then you can add the esp home to ha and it should work.

You can also solder some wires to the controller and flash it the esp firmware over your pc

Hello @gijsje,

Thank you for this awesome fast response!
I’m downloading Kali-linux at the moment to install it on my laptop, hoping that it can use it’s wifi adapter to act as an access point.
Using this instruction:

Seems that Tasmota is included in tuya-convert:

Hope this works! (do not really want to solder wires to the lamps)


My filament light works just fine with Tuya convert and ESP home but the I cannot get the color bulb E27 to be flashed with Tuya convert. Is this light not supported ‘yet’?


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This will not work. The color E27 uses a realtek chip, not an esp8266. So tuya-convert does not work.

Not my model i bought yesterday, just successfully flashed tasmota using tuya-convert, running on a RPI 3 B+. This was a E27 (not multicolor)

The filament E27 works, the color one does not.

Looks like support for the SM2135 is almost there…

How did u manage the color temperature in mqtt/home assistent, cannot get it working

In lovelace/default_view if you click on the bulb when it is on, a popup appears with a color circle where you can pick the color.

But what are your mqtt settings? Having unknown command CT errors in the console of the bulb

With all my Tasmota devices I use auto-discovery, so I don’t have mqtt settings.

i have a E27 Filament bulp from the Action, converted to tasmota (Tasmota
when i upload the firmware.bin from esphome based on the config i get
Upload Failed
Not compatible

  name: buiten_lamp
  platform: ESP8266
  board: esp01_1m

  ssid: "XXX"
  password: "XXX"

# Enable logging

# Enable Home Assistant API
  password: "XX"

  password: "XX"

  - platform: cwww
    name: "Buiten Lamp"
    cold_white: output_component1
    warm_white: output_component2
    cold_white_color_temperature: 3500 K
    warm_white_color_temperature: 2000 K
#    default_transition_length: 5s

  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    id: output_component1
    pin: 14
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    id: output_component2
    pin: 12

oke fixed.

downgraded tasmota to 7.2 then the upload works

what should i add to the yaml file to set the default state of the licht after a powercycle.

when i now switch of the power. and turn this back on the light doenst automatically turns on. (handy for other home users)

If using tasmota, PoweronState 1 in the tasmota console.

Hello Gijs,
I did it!

Loaded “sonoff-minimal.bin” to led strip with OTA tasmota and now i doesn’t show up anymore.
Any fix you know of?

Thanks for you help in advance.