Lutron Aurora Dimmer with multiple lights and turn each light on/off depending on dimmer rotation

I am new to Home Assistant and running docker version.

I have used this blueprint with no problem:

But I am interested in controlling 3 lights with out dimming.

Here is what I am looking to do.

O O O => all lights on
X X X => all lights off

Push the button and all 3 lights in a row turn on/off

  1. Push the button and all lights turn on full.

    O O O
  2. Start turning the knob and depending on the value, left and center lights turns off,

    X X O
  3. Turn more and center light turn on

    X O O
  4. Turn more and outer right light turn off

    X O X
  5. Turn more and outer left light turns on

    O O X
  6. Turn more and center light turns off

    O X X

and turn in revers it does the opposite.

Figure you could get the value of the rotation and that value would determine what lights are on and off.


255->213 = All Lights on
212-169 = left and center lights off and left light on
168-> 125 = right and left light off and center light on

Thanks in advanced…