Lutron Caseta Pico not firing automations in 11.2

I noticed with the last update

As if the last 2 released 11.1 and the current release as of today 11.2 I have not had any consistency triggering automation with Pico Remotes if configured inside HA.

I noticed it last week with a few Pico remotes I have configured via blueprints that the automation would not fire but the HA logbook was registering the clicks. After a restart the automatons would not run but if I edited the automation itself than they would run until the next Home Assistant Restart.

I figured It was related to the blueprints themselves so I configured individual automatons to be run on specific clicks, and not use the blueprint but I have the same results, after setting up the automation they would run as expected but after a few hours they would no longer run and required an edit to the automaton to work)

Again the clicks themselves are registered in the logbook but the automation will not run. I noticed this issue in 11.1 and its continues to happen in 11.2.

A discussion started in the Blueprints exchange post here A few other users seem to have the same issue.

I read over the breaking changes and updates but don’t see where the break could have gone.

Happy to provide any relevant log or screenshot info that would help the troubleshoot.

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same issue here - I noticed now that Pico remotes have button entities, where in the past there was nothing. I’m wondering if there’s been a service change with Lutron and HA that includes these buttons but broke/changed something else.

Ohh perhaps. I did see the disabled entities but i just assumed they were there before.

Having these issues weather I add create the automation via a blueprint or manually. I just removed one fo the Picos from my Lutron app and re-added seeing if that will help.

See above PR

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Thanks for sharing the Git page.Wish i understood what i was reading in there!

Per the notes this has been tested, anyone know how to tell when it will be merged?

Its in today’s release

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well that is just fantastic news.

The fix has been working consistently since 12.0 for anyone tracking