Lutron dimmer switches will not load after upgrade to 66.0 hassio

Does the pro version still work? I guess that is another reason not to do business with companies that use close source hubs or a hub to start with.

Yes. I’m wondering if pro is still working as well. Or if they are broken too

I did post a question on the Lutron Forum (3rd-party Integration) also.

@glassbase - you can use this with the Pro, and I doubt they will break it because installers use Telnet:

@carbuthn - can you post a link to your forum post?


It is at the link below:
Lutron 3rd party application post

I hate to pay another $155 to buy a smart bridge pro on top of what I payed for the smart bridge, 3 dimmers and 3 remotes. Of course for another $4, I can get another dimmer and a remote :laughing:,

Yeah, I feel you. It is really annoying Lutron is so closed to third party development. Unfortunately as you could tell from the ‘copy this link after you get an error message’ - the previous work-around was unsupported by Lutron. So assuming another work-around is found - it can break at any time :frowning:

The other annoying thing is I am sure the only difference between the non-Pro and Pro is the firmware!


Two questions and a comment.
Comment first:
I am surprised that there is so little noise in the community about this.


  1. Is it reasonable to believe that the interface with the pro hub will be more stable?
  2. Is the older first generation of the Pro hub usable with HA (as opposed to the current Pro2 version)?

Answering question 1 - nothing in guaranteed, but the supposition is that since the ‘Pro’ version is meant for custom installers, removing telnet access(which is the difference) would be a major issue.

I am not positive about #2, and also I am curious what the process of switching to a ‘Pro’ is like (aka do you have to relearn/setup everything?)

I am also surprised there aren’t more complaints, but maybe the firmware just hasn’t hit everyone yet. I had a power glitch over the weekend that triggered a reboot.

I was doing some trivial editing of my automations. I decided to do a restart of hass and Lutron was gone. This leads me to believe that the problem isn’t seen until hass has to re-establish it’s communications with Lutron. That would be consistent with your scenario. Perhaps that is why it has not been noticed yet

I noticed in the description of the Caseta component the Pro2 is specifically called out. I don’t know if that is a real requirement. The older bridge can be had much cheaper than the Pro2

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Just did a reload myself, and I’m also seeing this same error. I’d really like to not have to buy yet another hub.

My understanding is that yes, you’ll need to remove your Lutron devices from the original hub, and then re-add them to the Smart Pro hub, then update your Configuration.yaml file.

Side note: it seems as if the Lutron Pro component doesn’t appear to have the python script / etc. requirements that the non-pro version has. Am I reading this correctly? Also, has it been confirmed that this is still working on the pro side of things in HA/HassIO?

I can only tell you why there is no uproar from my side:

When Lutron broke Caseta / HA connection sometime in October 2017 and my automations were down almost a month until great devs of the HA community came up with a workaround, I realized that this stuff can happen again at any time, whenever Lutron consciously or inadvertently makes some changes. I also talked to Lutron customer service at that time, they were polite but unhelpful. It became clear to me that Lutron as a company does not care the least about open source 3rd party integrations.

I started to replace Lutron switches and dimmers with z-wave enabled ones. My problem are areas in my house where no neutral is available in the switch box (old house), where Lutron is just more convenient to install.

However, I see no way forward using technology issued by Lutron or similar closed corporations for me.

Here is the added pain: In case there is a new Lutron bridge that would work with HA (maybe Pro2), I guess it would take hours and hours of my time to redo the Lutron stuff. First I’d need to get rid of the connections of each of my dimmers and switches to the existing bridge, one by one, then reconnect to the new bridge. Do similar steps to set up Google Home integration again. Rename the entities, go into all my automations and update IDs and what have you. I’d spend more time to administer home automation, instead of enjoying what technology can offer.

I’ve showed my HA based system to friends and colleagues, I really recommend HA to them. I also recommend to stick to standards like z-wave, and avoid proprietary stuff like Lutron.

The Pro2 does have an open API, they just charge a premium for that - they likely have partnership agreements subsidizing the cost for their mass market versions - and for the average person that makes sense.

I just wish they had an option to pay $40 to update to Pro or something.

Pro has a published API here: It is unlikely to be broken as many 3rd parties (ie URC) rely on it.

Sounds good, I’d pay $40 for an upgrade of my existing bridge too, as long as I don’t have to disconnect - reconnect my dimmers and switches. I’ve already spent way too much time dealing with the Lutron stuff. Yes, when I bought the bridge I was not even aware that there is another “pro” version. Guess that one is on me.

Same - I looked to see if HA supported it, and didn’t realize it was supported, but unsupported by Lutron. I sent them an email asking if they had an upgrade program - but not holding my breath. Guess we may all be competing on eBay soon here :smiley:

Question for everyone here re: Pro. It seems as if the custom component doesn’t have any cert requirements like the standard one does. Am I reading this correctly?

Correct, it uses the published public ‘telnet’ based API instead of the TLS connection the non-custom component was using. The assumption was that since the Android app used the TLS connection, it would not change - but obviously something did change…

Thanks for this. I guess the small benefit of switching over (if you choose to do it) is that you don’t have to go through the python script cert process again (took me a couple of days to finally get it to work). So… I guess that’s a plus? (Hey… trying to look on the bright side of things. LOL)

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Here is the response I got… Fast support at least :slight_smile: Trying to figure out where I could use another switch and Pico since it is only $5 more to get another dimmer and pico vs. just buying the bridge!

Thank you for contacting Lutron Support! Lutron does not offer a program for upgrading, the Smart Bridge Pro would need to be purchased. To make this transition a little easier, here are some tips for removing your old bridge:

“Upgrading” or switching bridges

1.) Connect the old bridge and sign-in
2.) Delete all the devices associated to the bridge by going to Lights & Shades>More>Edit>Select the device>chose Delete Device
3.) Go to Settings>Account>Remove Account
4.) This will remove the account from the bridge and also send a message to the server to disassociate the account and the old bridge
5.) Plug-in the new bridge and in the Caseta app select “Get Started”
6.) Select “Create new account” and then you should be able to enter you old email address since it has been removed from your old bridge.
7.) The app should then start the normal setup flow procedure
8.) Sometimes there will be cached data that makes it look like there are 2 bridges on the network
9.) If this happens be sure to select the MAC address of the new bridge

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Lutron Technical Support, anytime, 24/7.

Ahhh, forgot that going “Pro” brings Pico functionality. Still, it really sucks having to go through the delink-relink process.