Lutron Ra2 timeclock events?

Lutron’s Ra2 supports having timeclock events stored on the repeaters. The integration supports calling them independently of whether they have a schedule on them or not.

This is a handy way to change how the occupancy/vacancy sensors behave. Normally they sense motion and trip the ‘occupied’ state. If/when the sensor no longer detects anything it’ll trigger the ‘vacancy’ state.

Each state can have a scene associated with it. You can have the occupied state turn on lights and you can also have the vacancy scene turn off lights. They can be different lights, as it’s a scene for each, not a toggle of all of them. Handy for allowing sensing motion to turn on a light, and then having the vacancy do a “clean up” on an area by turning off any other lights that might have been turned out manually (or otherwise). Along with delays on both the triggering of the action and a fade time. As in, turn off some lights ‘right now’ but don’t start turning off another light for a few minutes, and when it does, fade it down over 10 seconds. Nice for clearing a stairway, for example. Turn off everything in the basement but allow for a minute or two before turning off the stairway lights.

You can use a timeclock event to change how two states get used. You can set a sensor to use both most of the time, but use only vacancy during others. A good use-case for this a walk-in closet adjacent to a bedroom. During sleep hours you might want it to NOT turn on the ceiling light, as that might wake anyone sleeping in the adjacent room. But you DO still want it to turn the light(s) off when no motion is detected. You can use a timeclock event to do this at a scheduled time, or pair it with some external command to make the change.

Another use-case is a motion sensor on a porch. Most of the time you’d want the lights on/off based on detected activity. But if it’s a summer night and you just want to enjoy sitting outside without the light you’d want to be able to avoid the sensor turning it on all the time.

It’d be handy if the Lutron integration supported calling these timeclock events.

So I’m poking through the lutron integration code, and the pylutron library it uses and notice a few things. One, the pylutron library doesn’t properly handle NON_DIM outputs as switches (as it should). Sort of easy to fix that.

But I also notice it completely ignores timeclocks. What would be the proper way to make them accessible for execution from within Home Assistant?