Support Lutron timeclock events

My primary use-case being able to change what scenes motion sensors use at different times of day.

In Ra2 motion sensors can fire their own occupancy and vacancy scenes. Turn lights on/off within the Ra2 environment. With timeclock events you can change those scenes, along with changing whether a sensor reports occupancy at all.

I’ve got timeclock events (that have no internally scheduled execution time) for motion sensors in bedroom closets (to avoid the lights coming on while someone’s sleeping). Another for the front porch when you don’t need the sensor turning the porch lights back on while you’re enjoying sitting out there in the summer. And then others for areas that use different lights and dimming values based on time of day.

Separating occupancy and vacancy can lead to very useful automations, especially since the scenes don’t have to include the same devices. As in, turn on a desk lamp in the home office when someone’s detected. But follow up later turning off that same lamp, along with the ceiling, any table lamps, an office printer, or anything else that might have been turned on manually. Also good for stairways where you can use different fade times and delays to allow someone to get up the stairs instead of turning everything off.

Yes, to a certain degree you can replicate some of this functionality in HA. But since the feature it already present, it’d be handy to have access to it.