M5StickC plus as voice remote

I have an M5StickC plus that I want to use as a voice remote for the new Assist feature, just like in the example with the M5Atom Echo, but on a StickCplus.

Is this possible, and if yes, how?

Thanks in advance

The stick has a microphone, so you should be able to use it at least for that.
No speaker, though.

What is your level of “how”? :wink:

@koying My level of “how” is that I don’t know how to set up the microphone on the StickCplus in ESPhome (the pin assignment is very confusing for me) and I need the YAML for the mic.

Thanks for your help

The base YAML would be media-players/m5stack-atom-echo.yaml at 836631e8ca446c84485bba2199f21fdfb398ba89 · esphome/media-players · GitHub

Remove everything speaker / media player related.
GPIO-wise, just play with it :wink: