Mac Menu Bar app to control HA

I created a little app to allow toggling of switches, lights and input_booleans straight from your Mac menu bar.

It’s free and open source so if you use a Mac give it a try



I’d love to try this out. However, it says it needs osx 10.14. Is there a reason why? or could you also provide a version for macOS 10.13 or even lower?

OK, I rebuilt to target 10.13. I’ve published this as a pre-release (V1.12) so please let me know if it works.

Thanks so much! I’ll try it as soon as possible. Meaning as soon as the kids are asleep :sweat_smile:

works flawlessly! thanks.
I just gotta work out all_covers. it says no entities. but is a error on my end

Thanks for the confirmation, I’ll mark that as a proper release.
Remember to restart HA to pick up changes to groups, I’ve forgotten that so many times during testing.

Forgot to say thanks works great. Tried it out when you first posted it. Thanks :partying_face:

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A new version (V 1.14) has just been released, you can now include automations in custom groups and toggle them on/off through the HA Menu.

Thanks for this neat app! Super handy!

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Any plans to get this added as a homebrew cask package? I’d love to add this to my workflow…

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Never created a cask but looks easy enough.
I’ll definitely have a go, no guarantees how quickly though.

To cope with the removal of all_* groups from HA 0.104 a new version (V 2.0.2) has just been released, you can now choose domains to display (all lights for example) as well as custom groups.
Previous users will have to review the preference screen and switch off domains they don’t want to see.

Just wanted to give a huge thanks! Works like a dream :smiley:

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To save you having to check here for updates today’s release (2.0.3) now has version checking.

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Just added a homebrew cask
brew cask install ha-menu

Thanks for the suggestion, it was interesting learning about how to add this.


Ahh this is sweet. And such a quick turnaround.

Added it to my Brewfile

cask "ha-menu"

Thanks alot for this!

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Big update today, you can now reorder your groups/domains and also make them submenus.


Have this installed and great work!

How do I have the app refresh if I add new entities (cards?) to the dashboard?


If an entity is in one of the domains you don’t need to do anything, it will appear next time you click on HA Menu to bring up the menu.
If you want to add it to a Group you will need to reload the groups within HA Core itself then it will appear within that group next time you click on HA Menu.