Mac Menu Bar app to control HA

I created a little app to allow toggling of switches, lights and input_booleans straight from your Mac menu bar.

It’s free and open source so if you use a Mac give it a try



I’d love to try this out. However, it says it needs osx 10.14. Is there a reason why? or could you also provide a version for macOS 10.13 or even lower?

OK, I rebuilt to target 10.13. I’ve published this as a pre-release (V1.12) so please let me know if it works.

Thanks so much! I’ll try it as soon as possible. Meaning as soon as the kids are asleep :sweat_smile:

works flawlessly! thanks.
I just gotta work out all_covers. it says no entities. but is a error on my end

Thanks for the confirmation, I’ll mark that as a proper release.
Remember to restart HA to pick up changes to groups, I’ve forgotten that so many times during testing.

Forgot to say thanks works great. Tried it out when you first posted it. Thanks :partying_face:

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