Make a join-venture between HA and Rhasspy


As a quick-win request, I asked here for a “Rhasspy” subcategory into the voice assistants integration forum.

What about :

  • doing it first as it will be useful :slight_smile:

  • and even going further : @synesthesiam, the Rhasspy creator, is concerned about opensource, open architecture, privacy and making Rhasspy not only rely on him. Would it be worth making a join-venture between HA and Rhasspy ? Rhasspy would keep developing as an autonomous service with the help of the HA community and bring a wealthy service to HA as it shares fundamental values (maybe more than some other voice assistants, sending a lot of thinks on the cloud, assembling opensource software without releasing their source code, for commercial purpose :kissing_smiling_eyes: ?)

Cheers !

Hi @farfade,

@balloob reached out to me a while back when Ada was first starting development to get some insights into Rhasspy’s software stack. He’s been very supportive of Rhasspy, and has made some changes to how the conversation component and intent recognition work in HA to accommodate us :slight_smile:

In the near term, I’ll be adding a Rhasspy speech-to-text (stt) platform and conversation agent to HA (code is done, just testing now). Rhasspy will also (soon) be able to function like Ada, either doing just audio recording or the full speech/intent/tts stack.