Make the front-end look more organised and cool

Hello everyone, I was working with homeassistant and I realised that the frontend can sometimes be cramped, so I decided to divide it by using groups and views, it looks much more organised now thanks to that, but now do any of you know how to make it look more aesthetically pleasing and cool, like adding colors or design or something to the front-end so that it is more attractive to the audience, maybe even add wallpapers to it. If you have any suggestions like that could you please post them here. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

Some options you’ve got

There’s also lots of threads here, and on reddit, about other frontends.

Personally, I use HA Dashboard (for finger friendly mobile/tablet control) and HA Floorplan (for an overview of the state of the house). Lovelace is reserved for my administration of HA, rather than as a user interface - though given its capabilities, it might replace one of the others eventually.

To add to the list there is also Tileboard its relatively new. I have recently migrated to Tileboard from HADashboard to it as it runs better for me on an older tablet.