Manage Xiaomi MITV emulating the remote control as it is an android bluetooth device

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I’m new to Home Assistant, but I’ve knowledge about computers/devices/programming and this stuff.

I’ve a Xiaomi tv at home and I’m interested in controlling the TV from my home assistant via scripts and automation in general. But, in order to implement this functionality first the devices must be recognized by ha.

The first problem I faced is that in order to interact with the TV I need to enable ADB “Android Debug Bridge” and I have the feeling this is NOT the right way to go. Why shall I enable debugging of my TV device if all I want is to manage the volume, change the selected channel and turn it ON and OFF. Of course I’ve been able to install ADB in my TV-Box and I managed for the TV to be recognized by HA, but there are several collateral things unresolved starting with the fact that I can’t simply turn ON/OFF the TV.

On the other hand, the TV can be fully controlled by the remote control. It is a simple Bluetooth device paired with the TV. And the remote has all the functionality I need.

I’ve been exploring if there is a kind of “Android Remove TV” emulator integration available but I find nothing.

The entire purpose of this thread is to:

  1. Share experiences and ideas about this path.
  2. Share and collect other threads with information useful for this purpose.
  3. Develop or help develop a more simple mechanism to get access and control over devices at home, not linking directly with the device (it might not have internet connection at all) but via their own remote controllers or emulators of the remote controllers.

Any help is welcome. I’ll try to post here links to the documentation.


Pointers to documentation for reference:

Google TV Pairing Protocol

Android TV overview

Anymote Protocol