Manually override home / not_home on lovelace?

Countless hours over the past few months trying to get presence detection to be reliable. I’ve tried a lot of different methods, each having major tradeoffs, and none of the combinations I’ve tried are more than 80% reliable, it’s been exhausting. :confused: I don’t care about it for conveniences, ex. “'turn on lights and open garage when I get home”. What I need it to be reliable for is security, ex. “Motion detected in living room while away”, or “water running while away”, etc. I don’t mind if there’s a short lag period in updating the state, I just need it to be accurate. Gary Cobb’s icloud3 tracker has come closer to my needs than all other methods I’ve tried.

Because there is no 95% + method that works for me, just having a simple toggle I can put on a lovelace card to override a person’s incorrect home / not_home status would suit my needs for now. Is there a straightforward way to do this?

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Do you have an MQTT broker?


Thanks, this looks like it should fulfill the need, I’ll try setting it up.

Given that reliable, built-in presence detection in HA for the majority of users doesn’t exist today and is not likely to for a long time, would be useful to make easy overrides of home status in lovelace a core feature, with automated PD an option for advanced users who want to ‘dive deep’ and learn how to implement the various methods, most of which have a large learning curve for the unfamiliar.

Just my humble opinion and request to those who contribute their time to improving HA.

You have 13 days left to suggest it here: