Manually remove iCloud integration

How do I manually remove this integration. There is no option on the integration like the others.
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Did you check if it is manually added in your configuration.yaml?

Yes, I removed it, restarted HA, but its still there.I also removed the iCloud directory from the .config directory

hmm. not sure then. The only additional thing i can think of is what it says in the documentation Apple iCloud - Home Assistant

In case of troubleshooting

Go into your Home Assistant configuration .storage folder and delete the “icloud” folder, then retry.

Sadly, removing the icloud folder does absolutely nothing to solve this issue. :frowning:

The same problem, isn’t there a solution yet?

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Removed the /config/.storage/icloud folder.
Restarted HA.
Removed the /config/.storage/icloud folder again during startup, as soon as it’s being created.
Now an error message appears in the log:
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/config/.storage/icloud/.session’
Now the integration was not started at all and the Delete/Remove option is available.
(while running version 2023.1.1 on Docker/Synology)

I have tried multiple times, but the solution is not working. And yes, as soon as the icloud folder is re-created, I remove it immediately.

I remove the icloud folder. I restart HA. As soon as the icloud folder is re-create I remove it rm -Rf icloud. The error message appears in the logs. I then view the integrations. The delete/remove option is not there.

Same here…

  • remove icloud folder (rm - Rf icloud) form the .storage folder
  • restart HA
  • immediately accessing the .storage folder (using SSH from HA)
  • after reconnecting to the .storage folder again removing the icloud folder
  • after restarting HA I get a notfication on my iOs device
  • no option to remove the integration

I was able to find away to remove the Apple iCloud integration. There were two other integrations cards relating to my iCloud account. I had a card for my devices, iPad/iPhone. Once I removed all the other cards under ‘Devices and Services’. The Apple “Attention required” RECONFIGURATION card disappeared.

So what’s a proven way to get rid of the integration?

I initially thought about just disabling it, but the masses of e-mails continue (roughly 100 per day, it’s so damn annoying and among other real bad experiences during the last 4 weeks one of the reasons I need to find another way of reliably doing presence detection withouth draining the battery).