Map dont show symbols

Hi there, my map doesnt show the symbols, it only shows the first letter of the device entity. Can someone help?

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Hello, I have the same issue in different way. I would like map to show my people on the map rather than their devices. Is there a way around it or at least, have set their device icon to their picture?

Map will only show images or the first letter of the device name, it will not show icons.

You can make a custom map card on a few and have the view set to panel mode true. Then on that map card, only show people. You have to attach the device trackers to the people through the people configuration.

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I have the icon displaying as a letter problem same as the OP, but I had to scour over threads with your exact question. See if this solution works for you:

Is there a feature request I can upvote? Letters are not nearly as helpful as an icon would be when I’m looking for my wallet or keys in a hurry…

:man_shrugging: I have no clue

I think the recent update took care of that problem now my users have their picture displayed on the map

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@fxcoolby I hope it was taken care of in 2021.7.4 bc I’m about to upgrade!

Just to be clear, though, I was hoping to use the HASS / MDI icons for things like keys, wallet, phone, etc. because my users have Tiles so multiplying their icon picture wouldn’t be much help in this situation. Also, others have found workarounds for previous versions to use the user’s picture (via the /www folder I believe?).

However, I haven’t seen anyone find a way to use the icon library…