Map Page Problems

Just noticed this after going to 0.41. It was working Friday night on 0.40.2 is the last time I remember checking.

Anyway my map doesn’t quite fill in. Not a deal breaker as I since added the Google API on a separate page.

Map page:

Google API page:

I have the same issue but only on Firefox. On Chrome map shows correctly.

Yep my Chrome works too and Safari and Firefox don’t. Safari was definitely working a couple days ago. Again, not a deal breaker just wanted to get the info out there. And it caused me to learn how to do the Google API map and device tracking thing.

For me, chrome doesn’t work.
A direction to find a solution to this might, be the fact that I can see in my chrome dev tools, that tiles are getting loaded that are completely out of the direction (for example, I get tiles loaded for the River Thames, while I’m in Belgium)
EDIT: Also, the tiles that do get loaded correctly, are not in the correct position, cities that are supposed to be at the top of the map, are at the bottom

I have the exact same problem. Hope this will be fixed in the next update.

Personally I way prefer the google map for device tracking that I posted the pic of up earlier in the thread.

Someone reported an issue to the HA github?

I have the same issue with Safari and Firefox

Try a manual refresh (shift+F5)

Update: I can confirm this fixes the issue on my instance (with Chrome browser)

I have the same problem map all tangled up. 0.41.0

How do you display the map , is the API free ?

Yeah followed those instructions but map is not loading I am assuming that I need to get or setup google maps API but not sure how to start that with maps.

If you try to copy the code exactly line for line I couldn’t get it to work either, and bear in mind I’m using Mac OS X terminal.

I copied the whole code and pasted it and it ended up being 2 lines, one really long. Changed the example device tracker to my device I think in 4 places and then it worked.

I am now having this issue in 0.49.0 and can confirm my friend just updated and is as well

Yep, same problem here. Works in Chrome but not Safari (my main browser) or the iOS app. Was working fine in 0.48.X.

Same problem here with Safari in 0.49

Same for me, updated to 0.49 and map is now non-functional for both Safari and IOS App but works in chrome.

for what it is worth: here it also does not work outside of Chromium based browsers (I do not use Chrome because of Google).