Markdown card and colour text - possible?

Is it possible to get color text in the markdown card?
I thought that markdown could contain HTML so I hoped this would work:

  - type: markdown
    content: Some Markdown text with <span style="color:blue">some *blue* text</span>.

But it doesn’t :frowning:


I’m having this in a markdown

    type: markdown
    content: |
      {%- set mapper = {'0':'"#c5e566"','1':'"#ffeb3b"','2':'"#fb8c00"','3':'"#e53935"','4':'"#880e4f"','10':'"#cc99ff"','20':'#fe68fe'} %}
      <font color = {{- mapper[level] if level  in mapper else 'grey'}}> **{{ headline }}** </font>

Nice, anyway to do this that’s non-deprecated in HTML5?