Massive download when restarting HA

Just noticed a large 6GB download when I restarted HA today. I have a new router which can monitor all the traffic so this alarmed me.

Looked in the logs and do not know what it is. I have the snapshots addon but there were no logs there and most will be uploads every 7 days.

What could the large download be? Running on Ubuntu HA supervised.


Does the router show the traffic source and destination?

Still looking into it but so far only says ‘HTTP’ as app name from the ubuntu machine where its running. Also does state ‘download’

Wonder it its anything to do with the google drive syncing snapshots with the addon.

Got me a little concerned - I’m beginning to change passwords

Another 2 GB in the last hour. hmmm very odd

Do you use speedtest?

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Yes just readded it today as it was not working.

Just deleted the integration!

I’ll continue monitoring. Changed various security settings/passwords just in case

Last hour after I removed the speedtest integration the traffic has fallen to 6.7mb!!!
So what on earth was speedtest doing?

This is always the problem with speedtest; One never knows how much data it will send and receive and there have been reports of the cli failing mid-test and then trying to re-run the test over and over and over again.

Typically, I only run a speed test if I notice that speeds are low and before I even do that, I check my internal network to see if there is anything that might be hogging more bandwidth that it should. If one is having to check their network speeds more often than once or twice a day (at most), then there is more than likely an issue with the internal network and/or the ISP.

If you are using it to check for connectivity, use the Ping sensor and ping some public website. MUCH less data usage. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice. Does definitely point to a bug with the integration today and consumed a large amount of data.
Just thought it was nice to have the speeds on a nice graph. Someone mentioned something had changed with the interval outside the default setting.

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True and I liked it too, at first. Until I saw the data usage. :eyes:

My internet plan it capped and did think we’d been using a lot the last couple of months. Netflix/prime/ps4 games etc. Had to increase the plan

Now I’m thinking a portion of this was the integration. Grhhh.

Had the isp router running with no tools but had it bridged on Friday with the Asus ac86u as the main dhcp now. This router tells you everything and suddenly saw the downloads from my mini pc for home assistant alarmingly.

I assume you mean it is the gateway.

Yep gateway/dhcp main router

Even though my router says 583kb for speedtest there was something funky going on with http.
The hour after I deleted the integration at 17:30-18:00hrs you can see the massive difference.

It was also about 11am I modified the interval