Mazda connected service

Update the Mazda integration to include the EV-specific features included in pymazda

Hi, I’m the developer of pymazda and the Mazda integration. This is something I am planning to work on. I hope to find some time to work on it soon. :slight_smile:


Great, no hurry. But had been fun with all the features of my mx-30 in home assistant. Thanks for all the work you have already done.

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By the way, the start/stop charging feature is already added. You can use it via the mazda.start_charging and mazda.stop_charging services.

The features that still need to be added are:

  • HVAC status and control
  • EV status entities - driving range, plugged in status, charging status, etc
  • Service to refresh vehicle status (only works on electric vehicles)
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Hey I just added this to connect to my 2021 Mazda CX-5 and the sensors (besides tires and fuel distance) and lock feature seem to be working great. I tried to write a script to use that mazda.start_engine but no dice. Does that work yet? How would I configure the script? I’m free to do any testing.

Hi @Mibix, the start_engine feature is working fine for me. Here’s what your script should look like:

Here is that same script in YAML form:

alias: Start Car
  - service: mazda.start_engine
      device_id: 26cd9beb60a2ea64ba40e2d23fb07f9c
mode: single

Let me know if you are still having issues getting it to work.

Works like a charm, thanks! I wonder if the fuel distance remaining will work once I drive it and park it again.

Glad to hear it worked!

Unfortunately I don’t think the fuel distance remaining sensor works on the CX-5. If you look in the MyMazda app I think you will see that that information is missing there as well. It’s a limitation of the Mazda API. We only have access to the information that is available in the app.

Hi, I have 2021 Mazda 3 turbo and wasn’t able to get this script to work. I was able to add the mazda integration and get the tire pressure and the lock / unlock to work. When i look at the available services the start engine doesnt show up. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Nevermind i figured it out. I had a syntax error.

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Hi Brandon, any news on the update for the HVAC status / control and other features?

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Still working on it :slight_smile: There were some other changes (#59869, #63423) that needed to be made before the EV features could be added, and those took several months to be merged by the HA core team due to their large backlog of pending Pull Requests. The good news is that as of yesterday, those changes are now merged and I can now work on the EV features.

I’ll be starting with sensor entities for things like charging status, charge level, and driving range. HVAC control is more complex, so I’ll likely add that afterward, in a separate change.

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the changes.

Hi @Fuglem. Good news: I submitted a pull request to Home Assistant to add sensor entities for EV driving range and charge level. It was merged today and it will be included in HA 2022.2.

Next, I plan to add binary sensors for plugged in status and charging status.

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Wow! Thanks for all your hard work.


You’re welcome! I don’t have an EV to test with, so I’d appreciate if you could let me know here whether the new EV features are working for you, after you upgrade to 2022.2.

Will do an upgrade as soon as its out and let you know.

Just wanted to thank you for your great work.

I’m using this integration with my mazda mx-30 and the new EV features are an excellent addition! :slight_smile:


Hi! Looks like everything works of the new feats. but is it just me or is the device tracker broken?

Hey @bdr9, the EV sensors charge level and range do work now in the HA integration. I’m still waiting for HVAC control and the binary sensors. Any news on these?