Media Browser and Sonos Player

Hi everyone

Today I installed the awesome happy birthday edition (Docker container). Great update - I am really impressed about all the many new features and improvements!

But there is one more thing :wink: I don’t understand: The new Media Browser is not able to control my Sonos One Player?! I can choose a player but the only thing that happens is a message saying “Local library not found”. Is this expected behavior? I was hoping that it was possible to control my Sonos Player from within Home Assistant?!

Maybe I misunderstood? :thinking:

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Pretty sure it’s only for playing media you have locally… i think it mounts in /media so you need to put your media in there.

Well I tried this. I put a MP3 file in there. Now I can play it in the web browser. Hm. The blog post says:

"This release includes an exciting set of features around media. If the media player supports it, you can now browse the player’s media library and quickly change what you’re listening to. No need for two apps anymore if you want to change the lights and pick some music.

Any media player can enable this new feature. This release adds media browser support to Arcam FMJ, Kodi, Philips JS, Plex, Roku, Sonos and Spotify!"

So I thought I might be able to really control my Sonos Player from within Home Assistant. Am I wrong?

That’s how I understood it too but not working for Sonos

That’s a pity! I thought I was able to control my Sonos Player… :disappointed_relieved:
Anyway there are so many new features I am looking forward to play with! :grinning:

Such an amazing update. Just confirming we cannot get our Spotify library appearing from a Sonos speaker? You cannot use the Spotify media play and play to Sonos either, I don’t believe?

Well even the Lovelace media control card does allow access to the Sonos favorites since a very long time. That’s why I thought (after the mentioned birthday post) the new media player makes it possible to control the Sonos player completely. But it does not even have access to the favorites… :thinking:

I do not understand these local media files at all. I use media files that are in some kind of cloud or which are stored on my local network storage (NAS). These local network files are also indexed by several media servers. Why would you need to store and access local media files on your home automation system? From architectural perspective that is totally unrelated.

I agree. I don’t want to annoy the developers and I don’t want to be rude but for me it’s useless too. That’s why I was asking…

I have multiple Sonos speakers in my house, but as soon as I select one of the speakers I also see the “Local library not found” message. I think we miss something in the config?

But where should we ask if not here? :wink:

For what it’s worth, my integration is working (nearly) perfectly. I don’t claim any credit for this - it just did.

I am running HA OS on a Pi4 and I have five Sonos Play:1 speakers around the house. Music library is on a Synology NAS. I have the Samba share add-on installed in HA and updated to the latest version (9.3.0). I have commented out all references to Sonos in configuration.yaml.

Does any of this help? My only problem is that HA is not showing any of the playlists on Sonos, but apart from this Media Browser seems to have full access to albums, artists etc. etc. in much the same way as the Sonos app. No Favourites, though.

A couple of observations, mind you…

If you navigate away from the Media Browser it would be helpful if, when you came back, it was to the same screen. At the moment it looks as if it reverts to the top-level page (artists, albums, etc. etc.) and it can be difficult to find what is actually playing.

Lovelace entities/media control cards don’t seem to reflect what is playing on a speaker if the music has been started with the Media Browser. The history tab just shows “paused”.

So you have access to locally stored music on your NAS? But do you have access to other installed Sonos services like Spotify, Net Radio etc.? Like you have access to that with the Sonos App?

Exactly, i was hoping you could access your Sonos services like you can in the Sonos app.

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Yes. Me too!

Glad to see others who would also like this feature. Yeah I agree you can access media stored locally but it’s the cloud service that’s important to me, surely we could either get the Spotify integration (which shows correctly in media files) casting to the Sonos OR somehow telling Sonos to direct it’s media library to Spotify.

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No. No Spotify, TuneIn etc. etc. But for me personally it’s the locally stored music that’s important - went to a lot of trouble to rip all those CDs.

I’m more concerned with the lack of connection to Lovelace. You can access the Media Browser through the Lovelace cards, but the only control available is play and the cards do not reflect what is currently playing. As before, the only sources available are those from Sonos favourites (including radio stations).

Huge step forward, though. Well done guys!

I have exactly the same problem. Did you have solved your problem?

I can’t also stream radio to My sonos. I can well stream music via Sonos.

Unfortunatly not… I am still hoping this feature will come in the future. That would make Sonos extremely powerful in Home Assistant. Alltho there are already options to make Sonos work great, a good looking front-end with the abilitiy scroll trough your playlists and songs, is still absent.
What kind of radio would you like to stream to your Sonos? You can mark a Sonos radio station in your Sonos App as favourite. After that you can select, call and automate that radiostation via the “source” of your Sonos device in Home Assistant.