Mi Flora plant sensor

I read that you can’t use a external Bluetooth sensor in hass.io but I’m wondering the following:
I’m running a Raspberry3 with Bluetooth addon but seems that the Mi Flora plant sensor still wont work?

any suggestion regarding this?

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https://github.com/pschmitt/docker-plantgateway Use this :slight_smile:

Place plantgw.yaml in config dir of hass.io (https://github.com/ChristianKuehnel/plantgateway)

On root over ssh on port 22222 run this:

docker create -it --network=host --name=plantgateway pschmitt/plantgateway
docker cp /resin-data/homeassistant/plantgw.yaml plantgateway:/root/.plantgw.yaml # also update of the file
docker start plantgateway

Then configure https://home-assistant.io/components/plant/


Thanks, First question how to I setup autentication metod for 22222? feeling stupit
Running fine with with ssl on port 22 and password

Also can’t find this configfile I entered my Miflora conf directly in the configfile…

  • platform: miflora
    mac: ‘C4:7C:8D:62:0C:81’
    name: Cocuspalm
    location: Utanför Badrummet
    force_update: false
    median: 3
    • moisture
    • light
    • conductivity
    • battery

Very interested.

The only reason that I didn’t moved to Hass.io is Bluetooth LTE support.

Check plantgw.yaml here https://github.com/ChristianKuehnel/plantgateway

This is a bug, because bluez packages in the latest Alpine release don’t contain gatttool which Home Assistant uses to poll from Mi Flora devices. This commit should fix it as soon as it gets merged

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Do you know if this commit was implemented in the new release, still having problemes so I think not?

This fix didn’t work I had to rewrite it. This was merged today, so it didn’t make it in time for 0.56.
Next release should have Mi Flora working again


Thanks, Can wait to get them working :slight_smile:

you’re welcome, was quite an odyssee to get this fixed…

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Thanks for your work on this :slight_smile:

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Is fix now live, since 0.56.2 was released 23rd of this month?

They work for me again on 56.2. Think on 56.1 also already!

Thank you! Now I can have the test and production systems in HASS.IO

yes seems to work now =) just loving it.

Followup guestion can I use a external Bluetooth device for better coverage or I’m i stuck using the one on the raspberry 3?

My system was missing gatttool. So I compiled it:

  1. Download bluez wget https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/bluetooth/bluez-5.9.tar.gz
  2. Untar the archive: tar xvf bluez-5.9.tar.gz
  3. Go to the new directory cd bluez-5.9
  4. Install dependencies: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y gcc make libusb-dev libdbus-1-dev libglib2.0-dev libudev-dev libical-dev libreadline-dev
  5. Execute ./configure
  6. Run the command make
  7. Copy gatttool sudo cp attrib/gatttool /usr/bin/

Now Mi Flora works.

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you are obviously not using hass.io
but that’s basically how the temporary fix works until the host OS is being released in a new version

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No, I am not. I am using osmc.

well on hass.io you can’t compile bluez yourself, and this happens to be the hass.io subforum :wink:

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