Mi flora with Hassiop problem


I am having problems after migrating to Hassio with the “Mi Flora Plant Sensor”
The components are set the same as they have before hassio with the following adapter (could be it should change?)

adapter: hci0

My Log is full with the following notifications:

/bin/sh: gatttool: not found

The “Plant Monitor” components are not getting any updates

I am using rPi3 & I activated “Bluetooth BCM43xx” Add on hoping this was a BT issue - but it did not help.

are there any additional steps ?

notify: @Danielhiversen

Same problem here.

This has recently been fixed by @sharukins. To get mi flora working, turn on the BCM43xx plugin inside hass.io, then add an entry for the sensor to your configuration.yaml.

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Sorry that I have to reopen such an old case.

I am using Hass.io 0.60
After upgrade vom AIO installer.

Installed the BCM43xx plugin, no problems so far.
The Pi and the location of the flora sensors did not changed, and even after moving one flora sensor almost direct near the pi, nothing changed.
I still did not get any data from the sensors, any idea what It could b?

In the logs, there is nothing related to this.


As @TheCrey points out, this is still an issue.

Activated the BCM43xx addon in Hass.io and set up the plant sensors according to the documentation but the data is not flowing through. Logs occiasionaly show the warning: /bin/sh: gatttool: not found. I might be able to use plantgateway to proxy it for now, but that’s just an intermediate fix.

EDIT: There’s a merged PR for this to be released in 0.61 as it seems: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/11250

Cool, thanks, looking forward for the merge