Midea A/C and ESPHome component - list of all known working models and manufacturers

List updated :slight_smile:

Brand: Lennox
Model: MWMC009S4-1P / MWMC012S4-1P
Year: 2023 (installed, but model is possibly older, current generation seems to be -3P)
Market: US

Note: power and humidity show 0, other features work:

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Manufacturer: KoolKing
Model: Monosplit Serie KK (12000btu)
Year: 2021
Market: Italy - EU
Model ID: CF-KK12A

Notes: This KoolKing model is the same as the MrCool 3rd Gen mini split that is sold in the US (with the obvious C → F change), and it has exaclty the same module as henkvdt’s here

I used the DIY ESPhome dongle with @aceindy yaml file and it works good. Except that it shows as 0 for both Power and Humidity, even if it sees it as available characteristics.

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Did anyone have tested with:
Midea Breezeless MSFAAU-12HRFN8-MSFAAU-12HRFN8
Midea All Easy Pro Nordic UV MSEPBU-12HRFN8-MOX330-12HFN8-UV

Any help appreciated.

As stated in the title of this thread, and two times afterwards, please ask questions in the corresponding thread:

This thread is to keep a list of all known working models.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

This is exactly the same PCB as in a Samsung AR12TXHQASINEU indoor unit( European market)

So that should work too.
But where can I get it? The ESP module and do I need to alter some wiring or is it plug & play?

I have the same air conditioner, is this a plug & play device or do I need to alter wires or code?
And what is the (Android) app for being able to use it?

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Midea All Easy Pro Nordic UV MSEPBU-12HRFN8-MOX330-12HFN8-UV

Manufacturer: Midea
Market: Romania, Europe

All works ok, ofc i had to add more stuff to esphome but is all good

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Brand: Zanussi
Model: ZACS/I-12 HS/A20/N1
Year: 2023
Market: RU

Work Good

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I’m very interesting to integrate my new Real Cool 35 into Homeass like you did.
Please give me more pictures and instruction.
Best regards from Austria

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Manufacturer: Midea
Model: U
Year: 2020
Market: US
Model ID: MAW08V1QWT

Works fine on my Midea U

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I’ll gladly post some pictures. Just need to know where is appropriate.

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Thank you for asking! :slight_smile: :wave:

Would you mind posting the pics in the Midea discussion thread? That would be great. If I see your post popup in the other thread I’ll send @redpersian a short PM to link her/him to your new post. and ask a moderator to delete the posts in this thread!

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Brand: Kentatsu
Model: KSGB53HFAN1
Year: 2021
Market: RU

Work Good

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Brand: Midea
Model: Breezeless+
Model ID: MSFA1-09N8D6-I
Year: 2022
Market: RU

Works Good.

Huminity always 0, despite it present.
Power show room unit consumption i.e. 2-6W
External unit temperature works.

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Model ID: DIY-24-HP-WMAH-230C25
Year: 2022
Market: US

Works fine!

Brand: Carrier
Model: Extreme 42QHG012D8SX
Year: 2021
Market: GR

everything works fine

My unit’s original dongle was 103 version and is working fine with “midea ac lan” .

I had the opportunity to use an esp dongle as well, and it works fine!