Midea A/C and ESPHome component - list of all known working models and manufacturers


Brand: Senville
Model: SENL/24CD/IY
Year: 2022
Market: US

I finally go this to work after the included alexa enabled dongle was crap.
I installed this last night, tried to get it to work, gave up.
Fresh start this morning, I tried flashing it, I tried making my own yaml file and updating it. Nothing worked. After a good hour in I was ready to give up and post my results of a non working unit. Last ditch effort I power cycled the unit at the braker and presto!

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Can you tell me how did you get this work?
I have a bryant unit same as yours and got Swlf-01pro with me. I try to connect it to the USB, but don’t see any option and I Visit the address they have Mentioned. Also, I have installed Home Assistant app, but not sure how to connect it with.

This is only a listing thread. Try here: Midea branded AC’s with ESPhome (no cloud).

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You need to run Home Assistant [HA] on a dedicated machine. HA will be the center of all your home automation.
The HA app connects to that (as do all other appliances )

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Someone has any experience with Kaysun branded A/D ? Should also be Midea.

Manufacturer: Midea
Model: MAE-24N8D6
Year: 2022-2023 (Probably)
Market: Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece (maybe others too, idk)

A/C works with SLWF-01pro dongle.
Only issue is that humidity sensor is not reporting

A/C also has thermal sensor, it detects thermal footprint of a person and does not directly blow to that spot (if it’s configured). It would be great to have ability to use this thermal sensor in HA for a presence detection.

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Manufacturer: Qlima
Model: SCM52 Duo Airconditioner
Year: 2024
Market: Netherlands

A/C + heating works with SLWF-01pro dongle.

Some minor things don’t work like power usage and humidity sensor. Also the temperature sensor only registers the temperature from the outside units, not the inside temperature. But I have other sensors for that so it’s not needed

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