[email protected], [email protected] component

Still not working for me, not sure what I’m doing wrong. I thought maybe it’s something to do with a blocked connection to the miele servers so I ran a wireshark when I pressed the check config button, sadly nothing shows up. No errors but also no progress :frowning: Any tips?

I’ve followed the instruction - all went O.K.
I see the washer, sensors, etc. in HA.
No errors appeared.

My config files are -


# Miele wash mashine WTH130 WPM         
    client_id: 8b6ede61-5e08-456d-8a16-59d8f208fdef
    client_secret: Hk5KKF23FtXaLd0Sp2xs
    lang: en

There is additional file created ‘/config/.miele-token-cache’ :

{"access_token": "PL_105da8212db3695a607e94acf2e42141", "refresh_token": "PL_b16c142a39c89048827390d9aa2631c6", "token_type": "Bearer", "expires_in": 2592000, "expires_at": 1571599511.2665508}

P.S. The codes are changed…

So this might not be completely HA related, but how useful do you find [email protected] and integration with HA? Does anyone find it useful with hobs?

Reason I’m asking is that I’m looking into getting a miele hob with an integrated extractor, and there are two options:

  • TwoInOne (KMDA 7774-1) - somewhat stronger and quiter extractor, has [email protected] support (is extractor controllable through it?), single unit, a bit cheaper
  • SmartLine - combining SmartLine components (2x CS 7612, 1x CSDA 7000) could in theory give me flexibility to in the future e.g. add a gas hob to my induction hobs setup, or just replace one induction hob with a gas one (I don’t know how easy is to “pull” one of these out after they are installed). Also, if one part breaks down, in theory it’s more easy to replace. However, weirdly missing in miele’s SmartLine line is wifi/[email protected] support.

So, I’m a bit thorn on what to choose here.

Well… To be honest I’ve installed that, I see it is working… But not sure for what purpose I would need that integration.

I’m using it every day to know when the laundry is done using amazon Alexa. My wife loves it!

Fixed now, finally. I put the code in configuration.yaml, ignored the fact “check config” never completed and unplugged the power to the Pi. When it came back online the integration worked as advertised.

After clicking “Link Miele account” I have to enter e-mail, password and country. Aren’t those the same credentials used in the “[email protected]” app?
Everytime I enter these credentials in the web interface I get an error message that the link with the account failed.

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You can read this on the API-page now:

Coming soon

PUT action for ventilationStep (hood)

GET state extension for plateLevel (hob)

PUT action for targetTemperature (cooling devices)

Endpoint with reduced information for low memory device

Looking forward to this, controlling the entilation hood with my wall switches will be very useful.

very cool! thanks for creating, using this for my dishwasher now, which helps a lot!

Any thoughts on adding this to HACS?

getting the same error too

Wed Dec 04 2019 09:42:10 GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time)

Unable to find services.yaml for the miele integration

I had the same this morning but after rebooting the message was gone

+1 for HACS

It’s in HACS now :slight_smile:

How to add from hacs?
Try to add this GitHub as a source: https://github.com/docbobo/home-assistant-miele

But that give a 404.


add https://github.com/HomeAssistant-Mods/home-assistant-miele as an integration to HACS


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i had the same issue. replace the redirect with your internal ip adress and port and hit enter. Then you get the message [email protected] has been successfully authorized! You can close this window now!


can get this to work now getting this error again

Unable to find services.yaml for the miele integration


    client_id: !secret mieleclientid
    client_secret: !secret mieleclientsecret

Did you install the component right? is it located in the custom_components folder? custom_components/miele/

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yep, reinstalled and all good now

I keep getting this Error can someone help.

ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Error during setup of component miele
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/setup.py", line 172, in _async_setup_component
    hass, processed_config
  File "/config/custom_components/miele/__init__.py", line 126, in async_setup
    hass.data[DOMAIN][DATA_DEVICES] = _to_dict(client.get_devices(lang))
  File "/config/custom_components/miele/__init__.py", line 94, in _to_dict
    for item in items:
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable

after restart i see this:

my config looks like below:

  client_id: "client_ID"
  client_secret: "secret"  
  lang: en

there is a “.miele-token-cache” file in config folder.
hope someone can tell what i’am doing wrong.