Migrate from Tuya to TuyaLocal

I have already integrated my tuya devices into HA and everything is basically working very well.

Now i try to migrate my devices from the Tuya integration to the TuyaLocal HACS integration.

This opens a few unanswered (of course i searched) questions:
How exactly can i do this?

  • TuyaLocal does NOT discover my existing Devices.

    • What do i need to do, to get this discovery working?
  • Do i need to remove my devices completely from tuya? Will they then be discovered by tuyalocal?

    • If so: How do i remove a device from tuya?

It would discover devices and local keys but you have to configure each devices one by one. So it is not full discovery but just an initial one :slight_smile:

Especially if you use tuya cloud credentials, it can fetch local keys and keep them up to date afterwards in case you re-add any of your devices.

Do not need to remove devices from official tuya integration but i would disable these devices so you don’t have duplicates.

I am having difficulty to setup thermostats using localtuya, they are being served over tuya cloud and the rest is on localtuya

There are excellent instructions on GitHub

Local Tuya

And a good video at Tuya Local


I’ve seen some tutorials and videos.
They all show how to add devices the hard way or discovvery is “just working”.
But how can i get local tuya to discover my existing devices?

I also get no discovery. So we need to use that durn slow iot site to look up the local id of each item? It will take hours.

Without cloud api, it should discover all devices (with their ip addresses) but you still need a cloud api to fetch keys. You can take care of fetching manually or let to be handled by integration.

if your network is segmented (different sub networks or vpns) do not expect discovery, it should be relying on broadcasting messages and these messages cannot be accessed between networks

So I need to add everything again into the main network. Is there any security steps I need to do after that?