Migrate from ZwaveJS to Zwavejs2mqtt

Hi guys. I’m relatively new to Zwave and spent the last few weeks adding and configuring 12 devices with the official ZwaveJS addon. I want a little more control of my Zwave network as well as I want the ability to update my devices firmware without having to move them to a different network. Has anyone migrated away from the ZwaveJS addon to the Zwavejs2mqtt addon without having to remove all your devices and then add them back one by one?

The network resides on the controller so you should not need to do that. The encryption key used by secure devices would need to be copied over though,

I personally use Home Assistant Container with the official zwavejs2mqtt container from their developers so I cannot be much help on migration when using the addons/

Ok thanks. Just another question. Will the entities that have already been loaded stay the same when I change from ZwaveJS to Zwavejs2mqtt?

Sorry, I do not know the answer to that. I know they both use the same wavejs integration but I think you need to delete it & reinstall.

Ok just a quick update. I was able to get everything migrated over to the ZWaveJS2MQTT addon. it took a little bit as it was being a pain in the butt. I ended up having to delete the zwavejs integration and the ZWaveJS addon on. The I had to start from square one being installing the ZWaveJS2MQTT addon then reinstall the ZWaveJS integration. Once this was complete then everything worked. All my device came with it and the entities weren’t renamed/renumbered.


So you managed to switch from ZWave JS to ZWaveJSMQTT with keeping al renamed entities?

Did they show up with node in the beginning? or after a while.

I tried to do this but all device came back in ZWaveJSMQTT called nodes 1-90 with no succes I need to say I did not wait until ZWaveJSMQTT was done with interviewing all devices.

As I have 60 devices 720 entities I don’t want to rename them all.

Hmmm that didn’t happen to me. They all came back as the name I gave them. Granted I only have like 12 devices

I’ve been wanting to migrate to the mqtt version as well and have the same concerns given I have 90 zwave devices and who knows how many related entities. Sounds like, if all goes well, there should not be any device issues. Maybe a complete backup before starting, which can be restored in case of failure, is the best way forward… I think I will try soon. Please share any lessons learnt, if any, from doing it. Tnx

Back up and restore is probably a really good idea. So far I don’t have any lessons learned. I’m still very new to home-assistant and zwave, even though I’ve been lurking for years. I will say I like being able to access the ZwaveJS control panel. I’ll be trying out making an association between a switch and a bulb tonight and maybe this weekend I’ll give firmware updating a go.

Back up for sure, when I got some spare time I will try and share if it worked out keeping the names of the devices and entities.

From my previous experience I know it can take long (more than an hour) before the ZWavejsMQTT is finished interviewing.
Last time I did not wait until completed and restored the back-up already due time frame I had then.

I need the association panel that’s why I want to switch.

Ok I tried to create an association between my inovelli red series dimmer and my inovelli RGB bulb but couldn’t figure it out. Do you happen to know what needs to be placed in each Field to accomplish this?

to set an association in zwavejs2mqtt, go to the control panel, scroll down to the device and expand it (in this case your red series dimmer), then click “groups” . Existing associations are listed.

Then click “add” to add a new one.

For the bulb, I believe you will need to create 3 associations from the switch to the bulb to the 3 different groups for on/off control, multi level set, and multi start/stop. I don’t have a zwave bulb but I have the red series dimmer and this is what it looks like.

No endpoint should be necessary, and for “target node” select the bulb you are controlling from the drop down.

As far as migrating from zwavejs to zwavejs2mqtt, take a look at this post for some info on it. I haven’t personally had to move myself but there are some links to the documentation and information on copying the config over from one to the other.

Thanks for the link… I will take a look. Today I tried a couple times, once completely disabling Zwave JS and the second time after a restore by keeping Zwave JS and connecting it to ZwaveJS2MQTT (which in itself I think is a misunderstanding on my part on how it was supposed to work) and in both cases I was going to lose all the names causing a ton of work to restore functionality so I aborted and restored a backup.

Yeah the link mentions copying some cache files over so hopefully that can preserve the names and more of the settings.

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Thanks, I’m going to give this a try tomorrow when I have some free time.

Did you already manage to get the upgrade I tried again, need to rename all nodes again.
So that’s something todo when I got some spare time.

Wil stick to the ZwaveJS for now.

@Davidvm86 Like you, I will have to try again when I have time in case I end up having to rename everything. I need to research how easy it is to copy over those cache files that may eliminate the need to rename everything…

This was the post mentioning where the cache files are, hopefully this helps

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So will i need to delete the Z-Wave JS Integration from GUI after i deleted the AddOn?

edit: if i delete the integration and restart supervisio, the entites show up but wiht a new name

anyone any idea if migrating is possible without renaming all the entities? does it work out of the box?