Migration to Z-Wave JS - battery devices need to be awake?

Just wait till they wake after migrating

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Cool, thanks. I figured that’s what I could do - migrate then wait for them to wake up. Appreciate it!

They don’t need to be awake at the same time, they just won’t load entirely until they wake up.

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Look into Zwave JS to MQTT. Even if you’re not using MQTT, I like the control panel and some of the other features that it has. I started by migrating to Zwave JS first and then decided to try Zwave to MQTT. Which meant renaming all my devices twice. Just something to think about to avoid some extra work.

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Will do, thanks! Is there a migration path there? I have a LOT of devices and don’t really feel like re-pairing them all, lol

In either case you shouldn’t have to re-pair, just re-name devices and entities after the migration. This guide was real helpful:

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Cool thanks, I’m still on the original z-wave integration though, not OpenZwave. I may have to do some digging. :confused:

Sorry here’s the correct guide.

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Little searching :fleur_de_lis:

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You don’t have to rename your devices to swap between the addons. Just don’t remove the integration. And you have to disable the integration at the moment during the swap due to a bug in HA.

Do we transfer cache files or share the same cache file? I’ve been under the impression that we don’t based on other users doing the switch and having different names (or having to reinterview).

I learned that after renaming them all twice :cry: But yes good point

No, we don’t share caches. They will all be interviewed but the device ID will remain the same so the integration still matches them to the correct entities. Names are only lost if you remove the integration.

There is currently a bug that causes the device to be deleted from HA if it goes unavailable so you have to disable the integration during or they’ll be deleted when the new addon comes online and they’re all unknown pending an interview.

The only thing that has to be copied over are the network keys.

Yes, but what is the unique_id under the hood based off of? Is it node only or does it contain manufacturer information?

It presently contains manufacturer information as I understand it, or at least changes to that messes things up, which requires renaming when we change the device file on our end. That’s supposed to be being fixed, or already fixed.

All I know is the actual swap is seamless except for the current bug. Lots of people swap back and forth repeatedly.

Ok, but if swapping between them causes battery device to fail the interview process (typical), then the names would not transfer because the MF info is blank.

They will stay unknown until you wake them, then they match up. I don’t work on the integration itself so the actual mechanics escapes me. All I know is people on discord do it all the time.

Right, so users are always impatient and rename before waiting for them to wake up. Which is why we see all these “Switching doesn’t work” posts.

EDIT: Then everything goes unavailable when they do wake up and they have to name again.

I think that’s right. The correct sequence presently is:

  1. Disable integration and reconfigure to remove the manage zwavejs addon box.

  2. Copy the network keys from the zwavejs addon and remove it.

  3. Install zjs2mqtt addon, and configure with network keys and the stick’s address.

  4. Wait for all interviews to be complete, including battery devices

  5. Enable integration and reconfigure with new addon address.

The intended process doesn’t require disabling the integration or waiting on the wakeups.


Yes, that’s the conclusion I reached. Thanks for confirming.