Mikrotik Router integration

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Monitor and control your Mikrotik device from Home Assistant.

  • Interfaces:
    • Enable/disable interfaces
    • Monitor RX/TX traffic per interface
    • Monitor device presence per interface
    • IP, MAC, Link information per interface for connected devices
  • Enable/disable NAT rule switches
  • Enable/disable Simple Queue switches
  • Mikrotik Accounting traffic sensors per hosts for RX/TX WAN/LAN
  • Device tracker for hosts in network
  • System sensors (CPU, Memory, HDD, Temperature)
  • Check firmware update
  • Execute scripts using switches or services
  • Configurable update interval
  • Configurable traffic unit (bps, Kbps, Mbps, B/s, KB/s, MB/s)
  • Supports monitoring of multiple mikrotik devices simultaneously

Integration available via HACS



Monitor and control status on each Mikrotik interface, both lan and wlan. Both physical and virtual.

Interface Sensor


Monitor and control individual NAT rules.

More information about NAT rules can be found on Mikrotik support page.

NOTE: dst-port and protocol combination must be unique for each rule. All conflicting NAT rules will not be available in HA.

NAT switch

Simple Queue

Control simple queues.

More information about simple queues can be found on Mikrotik support page.

NOTE: FastTracked packets are not processed by Simple Queues.

Host Tracking

Track availability of all network devices. All devices visible to Mikrotik device can be tracked, including: LAN connected devices and both Wireless and CAPsMAN from Mikrotik wireless package.

NOTE: Host Tracking is disabled by default and has to be enabled in integration options.

Host tracker


Execute Mikrotik Router scripts.
You can execute scripts by automatically created switches or using services.

Script Switch


Monitor per-IP throughput tracking based on Mikrotik Accounting.

Feature is present in Winbox IP-Accounting. Make sure that threshold is set to reasonable value to store all connections between user defined scan interval. Max value is 8192 so for piece of mind I recommend setting that value.

More information about Accounting can be found on Mikrotik support page.

NOTE: Accounting does not count in FastTracked packets.

Accounting sensor