Mikrotik Router integration

I check mark everything… now I got the entire thing ERROR… :roll_eyes:

Open an issue on github, I will look into it.

Thanks a lot for your work on this. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t use this alongside the default Mikrotik integration? I currently use that for device tracking and wanted to look at this for the interface traffic capabilities. What do you feel the current status of this integration is at for device tracking?

I dont see any reason why it should not work.
Btw, its better to ask questions on github. I’m able to respond fast there.

I installed this integration with HACS, there is mikrotik_router in custom_components folder, I restarted the server, but still cannot add it via Configuration/Integrations, only the built-in “Mikrotik” integration is shown. Any ideas?

Did you clear your browser cache?

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Of course not. Thanks, it’s working now.

I recommend adding to the documentation to login to the router, go to IP > Services and make certain that the API/API-SSL are enabled. This caused me to stumble for 20 minutes, and I have used Mikrotik for a LONG time. :slight_smile:

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It’s possible to add Mikrotik UPS Monitor? I have a UPS connected to my mikrotik. I have Home Assistant installed on a Debian, virtualized on esxi arm, and i prefere connect UPS USB on Mikrotik than do a passthrough esxi > debian > docker… I have some controlls too on Mikrotik with Dude server, so will be intresting to add this monitor/entity to the custom integration…

It will be very hard?

I didnt even knew it was possible to monitor UPS via Mikrotik.
Not sure how difficult it will be, I will need more info. Open a issue on github with as much info as you can give me from Mikrotik device itself.

Hi, Is it possible to download voltage to HA on HEX POE devices?

should be possible technically. but thats a query I dont do right now.
what would be a practical use of such sensor?

I have a battery power supply and photovoltaic panels connected in several places and now there is a shortage of energy in the winter, I would like to have it under control to recharge

Dear @Tomaae
I would like to run the Mikrotik script via service, but for some reason it doesn’t work; see the code below. Could you please have a look and advise?
Many thanks.

    - service: mikrotik_router.run_script
        name: internet_chromecast_on
    - service: input_boolean.turn_on
        entity_id: input_boolean.internet_chromecast

You can check yaml structure for any service that is properly described in “developer tools>services” menu. Or in services.yaml file for any integration if you prefer checking files directly.

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Thats an interesting use case. But is this a right approach?
I feel like a better way would be to monitor battery directly. Something ESP based to constantly measure input power from panels and battery values?
ESPHome would be perfect for this imo. It a minimal effort and dirt cheap to create almost anything. I have like 40 of such ESP devices for various sensors and tasks in my house alone, from measuring power to airflow fan control.
You could develop an early warning system this way, or even detect if panels are getting dirty.

Thank you @Tomaae. It’s now all clear.

Has anyone else lost access to the stats, the integration used to report RX and TX rates for interfaces, but this has stopped working for me. Now the value is stuck at 0mbps and on the MikroTik I don’t see HA logging into/hitting the logs.

Rebooting MikroTik resolved the issue.