Mini Media Player - Card Not Displaying Correctly

I’m using the mini-media-player add-in from @kalkih, version 1.11.0. I’ve added a “speaker-group” for my Sonos speakers but the card is not displaying correctly. Neither checkboxes or the “Master” speaker show on the card. The code I’m using is;

 type: 'custom:mini-media-player'
   power: true
   icon: true
   source: true
   platform: sonos
   show_group_count: true
     - entity_id:
       name: Office
     - entity_id: media_player.living_room
       name: Livingroom
     - entity_id:
       name: Kitchen
     - entity_id: media_player.breakfast_room
       name: Breakfast Room

The resulting card looks like:

Note the missing checkboxes and “Master” speaker.

I’d also like to change the title to read “Sonos Grouping”. Any insight would be appreciated.


Just noticed a bug report has been raised for this issue. See Bug report on github