Minimal UI


Here’s my dashboard!

I wanted something minimal, so I collected your ideas and transformed some of them to create the perfect dashboard for me.

Also in dark theme

Thanks to CM000n’s advice I opened my own thread

Let me know what you think!

But above all, post your ideas so we can improve our interfaces even more!


Sliders & controls



Reptiles tab


At the moment you can find all the card and theme codes on GitHub, in the next few days I will update the thread by adding them here too


The idea is based on the Rounded thread and all the community posts, go check it out!


Looks amazing! Thank you very much for your inspiration.

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Super clean dashboard!
Thank you very much for posting the code on Github.
Currently I’m using Dwains Dashboard, which is easy but slow.
Looks like my wife has some lonely evenings coming :slight_smile:


Happy to hear you say that!
Share your ideas that there is always room for improvement

Thanks for sharing and your amazing work.

Where can you download the font you are using?

Can you attach the code please?

See theme.yaml > font section in

I put all the fonts used there


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Thanks for the quick reply. I just ordered according to what you said, thanks.

a question. What is it exactly? input_boolean.videosorveglianza what does it give you? What session? Can you share please?

and sensor.luci_accese?

Did you make a card for the cameras? If so, could you please share?

Thank you

That’s a boolean that I use to turn off video surveillance when needed

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thank you for the answer.

Can you share the code of the cameras?


I’ll add the code to GitHub!
I’ll let you know when I add it

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can you add?