Mirabella Genio Door & Window Sensor I002575 HKWL-DWS02W

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I have seen a few people trying to get the Mirabella Genio Door & Window Sensor working with home assistant without success, myself included. I am creating this topic to track the progress of this integration.

Model: HKWL-DWS02W
Item: I002575

I have it running with ESPhome, although response time is terrible at between 5 and 10 seconds.
Probably fine for windows or garage doors, but for a standard door that can be opened and closed within this time, almost useless as the open / close will be missed.

I plan to use mine on a sliding wardrobe door to toggle a light strip.

Esphome config here:

Sensor must be put in to pairing mode to keep it awake for the flash

I bricked mine trying to follow a guide on tasmota website and have tried to reflash it with a serial connection but it doesn’t want to work.

Nice @jivesinger I am giving this a go now. If it is possible with esphome then it should be possible with Tasmota you would think.

Sounds like it was faulty when you bought it @a_lunatic, need to take it back in and get it replaced :wink: