Missing Add-on backup and supervisor option into settings menu

Hi everyone, I just installed HA on raspberry 4 with core instruction. At the end missing the button supervisor on main screen. I found a thead where it was explained supervisor moved on settings menu. Inside settings menu, I don’t have any button link like add-on, backup and supervisor. How can I fix it?

If you installed Core, there is no supervisor.



Look here and follow the container (if you want other things to run on your pi) or Operating System (if it is dedicated to HA)

thank you for your answer. Maybe I will install Hassio directly… but just a question… if there isn’t supervisor, how can a person add services? If you have a link where is a description, it will be very appreciated… Thank you so much

Services is a vague concept.
If you’re talking about integrations, like IKEA or HomeKit then it is in the Devices & Services section that you can see in my screenshots

If it is services like SSH or Samba, in Core, you have to do it all by yourself in your operating system, like, for SSH

If you install core - then you are pretty well on you own with “add-ons”. You must install the programs like node-red or Mosquitto, configure ports and connections etc. Everything is manual.

If you install the docker version, you could install docker containers for the add-ons…

Or you could do a “supervised” install on the one supported Linux OS and then you get “Supervisor”.

Unless you desperately want to configure something on the machine you are using that is not supported in HA, or for some reason want to “lock-down” everything, just install HAOS.

Here’s a rambling discussion about the pros and cons of Core.

Personally - I tried a few different install types and just like the simplicity of HAOS.

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And I’m using Core since 0.64 of Home Assistant :slight_smile:
I feel more in control of my machine.

P.S.: With a lot of venv.