Missing energy management

Ive updated to 2021.8.3 and the new energy management option did not appear in the side bar.

After looking around at the other areas I do not have this new feature at all.

So Im very confused as to why…

If you are not using default_config you have to add energy: to your configuration.yaml file


Thank you for the info, but is that info included in the documentation?

It is.

The energy integration was automatically added to Home Assistant (in 2021.8.0) via default_config. If you are not using default_config you automatically assumed the responsibility of maintaining what it does manually. If you don’t want that task, you should return to using default_config.

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And it was in the release notes under ‘all changes’

Thank you for the info.

I have had another look, but I still cant find it. However Ive got it setup know so great.

Just have to convert my esphome ct-clamp from kw to kwh

Thank you, managed to sort that out. However it does not appear in the device list in energy management???


I had to add device_class and uom:

  - platform: total_daily_energy
    name: Home Total Daily Energy
    power_id: home_power
    id: totaldailyenergy
    unit_of_measurement: kWh
    accuracy_decimals: 3
    icon: mdi:clock-alert
    device_class: energy

Great info, which I have included but its still not showing in the list of devices???

So still confused…

What does the entity look like in dev tools/states

Sorry not very techie when it comes to some parts of Home Assistant.

The esphome file, which is a CT Clamp on an esp32 is this:

  • platform: adc
    pin: A0
    id: adc_sensor

  • platform: total_daily_energy
    name: “Total Daily Usage”
    power_id: adc_sensor
    # Multiplication factor from W to kW is 0.001
    - multiply: 0.001
    unit_of_measurement: kWh
    icon: mdi:clock-alert
    device_class: energy


  • platform: sntp
    id: my_time

The entity is in Home Assistant, but the new energy still does not see it???

Thanks for any help…

What is the state of your HA entity in the Developer Tools.

E.g., working sensor

Sorry, get you know.

Hopefully it will be attached!!!


It’s missing last_reset and (I think) state_class to be usable in the energy panel.
I would guess that should come from ESPhome. Maybe a matter of version?

This is my working sensor from ESPHOME:

ESPhome is fully upto date. I know that the energy integration is in very early stages, but I would have thought the basic’s would be a little simpler to configure.

I will add the last_reset and state_class later on and see if that fixes it.


Looking at esphome, it looks like the CT clamp creates a sensor in Amps, total_daily_energy needs an input in Watts (or kW)

The ESPhome file for the CT Clamp is:


  • platform: ct_clamp
    sensor: adc_sensor
    name: “Measured KW”
    update_interval: 10s
    • calibrate_polynomial:
      degree: 3

      Map 0.0 (from sensor) to 0.0 (true value)

      • 0.0 → 0.0
      • 0.01 → 0.008
      • 0.020 → 0.018
      • 0.025 → 0.023
      • 0.04 → 0.037
      • 0.08 → 0.07
      • 0.11 → 0.10
      • 0.12 → 0.13
      • 0.14 → 0.15
      • 0.20 → 0.21
      • 0.34 → 0.39
      • 0.40 → 0.46
      • 0.60 → 0.68
      • 0.80 → 0.88
    • lambda: return x * 20;
      unit_of_measurement: “kw”

So I must be missing something???