Modbus scan_interval

Feature Request is to introduce scan_interval in modbus integration.

see [Modbus scan_interval configuration](https://this issue)

Scan interval is a platform option, see:

As mod-bus integration is no longer configured as a platform, the integration itself would have to this scan_interval option, which at this point, it doesn’t.

Now the consequence is that we get a default scan interval of 15s which is really slow and feels lousy in the GUI.

Same Issue here… is there any workaround for?

No solution yet. I stepped back to core-2021.2.3 which runs fine with modbus and short scan_interval

Ok seems i need to downgrade too…

Same problem today, there is some solution now?

Well, I started using GitHub - mbs38/spicierModbus2mqtt: Modbus master which publishes via MQTT together with the Mosquitto MQTT broker in HA.

The set up takes some time and effort, but works seamless now.

Everything works except for dimming of lights: I only got on/off to work.

So the feature of scan_interval was never added to the officiam modbus module in HA?

According to the documentation, it is supported (Modbus - Home Assistant). But it’s a long time since I tried this. Back then it did not work.

Is supported but not for the section regarding sensors, and it doesn’t work.