Modded the official WLED integration with color temperature support (not CCT)

Been using Wled with HA for a couple years now, the biggest problem I’ve got with it is the lack of color temperature control and that long list of effects which I never use (I use presets btw).

I checked the integration on github and seems it hasn’t been touched for a long time, so I made a few modification my self:

  • Added color_temp control mode

  • Changed effect list with preset list (so u can change preset on more-info page directly)

  • Renamed integration name to ‘wled-joy’ so it can co-exist with the official one

If this interests someone I’ll post the file on the github soon :stuck_out_tongue:


So I still had some old firmware esphome lights due to transitions not working as well as they used to.

Moved them to wled and could never quite get the colour temp right. I’ll give this a go to see if does a better job.

File uploaded

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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Unfortunately though, I can’t seem to get it to work after adding the integration :slightly_frowning_face:

This is my button config (basically the same as yours):

type: button
entity: light.wled_kitchen_2
min_color_temp_kelvin: 1900
max_color_temp_kelvin: 10091
min_mireds: 99
max_mireds: 526
  - Solid
  - Android
  - color_temp
  - rgbw
color_mode: color_temp
brightness: 255
color_temp_kelvin: 3831
color_temp: 261
  - 26.904
  - 38.02
  - 255
  - 201
  - 158
  - 0.431
  - 0.367
rgbw_color: null
effect: Solid@;!;
icon: mdi:led-strip-variant
friendly_name: WLED-Kitchen

But I still cant get the temperature slider to show up:

Also, the effects list still looks the same as before, with all the effects available instead of just the two I have in the config

I’d be interested in seeing this working as well. I can’t believe WLED main branch doesn’t have the functionality built into it…

And…apparently the WLED Repo Maintainer doesn’t use this feature and/or there’s ambiguity that WLED introduced into their software a year and a half ago that is contributing to this issue that isn’t getting fixed : Re-evaluate CCT with WLED and the HA WLED integration - #18 by jonas

@frenk - tagging you here in case this integration provides any inspiration to issue a fix to WLED - thanks for taking care of that integration up until now

I worked on the issue with the repo owner (doesnt work · Issue #1 · frozen2077/wled-joy-HA · GitHub). They pushed a change to the repo. I’ve got this working on my end now. Here’s the process:

  1. Add the repo in HACS as a custom repo: GitHub - frozen2077/wled-joy-HA (be sure to classify it as an integration)
  2. Download the repo in HACS.
  3. Restart HA
  4. Add the WLED Joy Integration in HA
  5. Delete the light from the official WLED component
  6. Open the WLED Joy Repo and auto-select the WLED light you want. The repo owner ( frozen2077 (Zheyuan Zhang) · GitHub ) notes that “Lights could only be added by auto-discovery(Bug, might fix later)”.
  7. Open WLED Joy component and enjoy your new light with temperature adjustment.

The repo owner notes that you should restart HA after modifying any files in the component.

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Ooooo, gonna give this a try in the next few days !, what wled firmware version do you need ?

It should be working with any version of the firmware, including the moon modules versions.