Model ZBdongle-e on network as coordinator


I run Homeassistant as docker on machine which is 50m from my living room, and I installed Sonoff zigbe3.0USB dongle plus on to get some sensors ( temperature and humidity from Sonoff in some rooms) but the signal I believe will be to week in my living room where I have my sensors,
so is possible that Sonoff zigbe3.0USB dongle plus I plug on my laptop computer in living room and they will work as coordinator, please let me know if you have and idea how to connect like that?

and secondly I try to plug my Sonoff zigbe3.0USB dongle plus directly on server where I run Homeassistant, in docker I write the address where is dongle conected, everything works fine my Homeassistant discover the device, but then the matter happened, when I pair my other sonoff devices with the dongle no pairing happened, no of my devices SNZB-02d found? I also use 1m long USB cabel.
thanks in advance

If you install Zigbee2MQTT on your laptop, you can use your dongle as a coordinator on your laptop (if you leave your laptop on).

See this guide by @Hedda to improve your Zigbee network

If is possible I would like to plug my zigbee 3 USB dongle as coordinator on my AP Mikrotik to USB port and then connect to my HA?

You could try with ser2net

So if I get it right, best way is to instal docker ser2net on my mikrotik and then conect the sonoff zigbee 3usb device on it, the device will then get a IP address. This address then I use in ZHA integration to setup the zigbee2mqtt mesh.