Moes MS-108ZR Curtain Switch RF433 Module + ZigBee. Has anyone had experience with this?

Hey everyone,
I am looking to buy remote switches for wired roller motors.

I checked the blakadder directory about this switch.
It’s supposed to support open/close/stop/position and calibration.

Has anyone managed to configure it?
Does it work ok with ZHA?
If yes, how does the actual calibration work in HA?
They also have a dedicated website here (to avoid aliex) - Anyone tried it?

Any info appreciated before i pull the trigger.

Thanks in advance

Hello, everything works great for me with Zigbee2Mqtt. I am going to buy it for all my covers.

Hi - Where did you buy it precisely? I checked that website but could not find it by code.

Could you explain how the calibration works?
How does it understand position etc?

Thank you

Hello i buy it on aliexpress. Just ordered 38 pieces at the best price for 11.11 sales

Hello, the blind have a start point and an end point when you install it in your home. You can set that physically inside the blind, with 2 screws.
The only calibration i made with the Moes module is the calibration time, it means, the time you allow the module to works for fully open or close the blind. For my window blind, the calibration time is 15 seconds.
And yes, i have exact position of the blind, starting to 0% for closed and 100% to fully open. You can set the opening to 15%, 55% or what you want. All works fine.
I will replace all my somfy module by these Moes module.
The RF433 is a good point too, even if home assistant or zigbee crash (what never arrived me) i can still control blind with rfxcom or RF remote.

I hope i have been clear, my english is not perfect.

Best regards

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Did you finally buy it? It works?
I have 2 of them working with tuya zigbee hub + integration with HA/Tuya.
I can’t pair with ZHA.


Hello, did you tried with Zigbee2MQTT ? Works like a charm for me without any tuya hub or integration.

I didnt buy it after all,
I went with 2 esphome esp32 chips and 24 relay boards :<

I have just installed one of these and am running into an issue with the opening/closing time.
I’ve used the ZHA clusters to set the calibration time, however, it looks like it’s not 100% closing each time.
In my case it’s a patio cover in my garden which is slightly tilted down, I’m guessing this might be the reason it’s not fully closing? Not sure here…
I guess it would be solved if the reverse motor was run just a second longer but I have no idea how to fix this with the ZHA clusters.

Any suggestions or tutorial/documentation pointers are very welcome!

Hello, even if you add some seconds to calibration time, it still stop at the same position ?

Yep, it will extend the cover a bit more but won’t close 100% again.
Sidenote, I cannot extend the cover 100% so setting it calibration time higher than the max isn’t an option.

I almost get the feeling the opening goes a bit faster than closing. I’m just not sure if I can calibrate the Moes to fix this difference.

Did some more testing and can definitely confirm that the opening and closing speed of my patio cover is not the same. This is the reason the calibration is off. Each time I open the cover and close it again it stops further away from actually closed.

I had exactly the same issue, and for my cover its not same time too, cover go faster to close because of go down movment with the cover weight.
When i had this issue, calibration time was 10 seconds, i put 16 seconds and now all is perfect.

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This would’ve worked perfectly if my patio cover wouldn’t hit my fence if I set the calibration time longer than it should :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I simply cannot make it longer than the actual motor can run due to this fence.

At the moment I used automations to create a workaround an fully disabled calibration for this device (set it to 0). It’s not great but it works. I just cannot use the positioning slider with this solution.

Hi Jory, good day
Newbie on HA, could please put an example of your automations? I have a couple of them, and works fine, but only able to move from 0% to 100% with remote pushbuttons through HA, would like know i.e. push button and start open, push same again and stop, push again and continue open, or push another and start to close, etc
thanks in advance

Hi Slim,
I bought the same swith as you, install it, and configured it thanks to your explanation. It’s “kind of” working, but I’m not able to have the same control nor page as the one you past in the “module volet studio Chambre” with the ruler and so on. Could you explain me how did you find it ? It might be because I’m using deconz this siad. I m really new to this world, and having sometime a bit hard time to undrestand the differences between z2mqqt and deconz, I have to admit it :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for your help,

Hello, sorry for the late repply…
I just installed the Shutter custom card via HACS

Hi @jory, what kind of automations are you using? I have the exact same problem, lifting the roller shutter takes a bit more time. If I disable the calibration, the only automation I can think of is to say it: “go down for N seconds”. But it would leave it in different positions depending on where it started, I can not use it to automate closing and opening at a different times of the day, for example.

Did you find any solution? Or do you know about other switch that supports different times for calibrating lift and tilt?


Hi @jjimenez
See my last reply. I’ve set outgoing time manually in a HA automation (not a blueprint) and fully disabled the calibration in the MOES device.

If I open the shutter it directly goes to 100 after the stopping (not matter how far it is). And closing has few extra seconds of space for it to close.
So I can only manually open and close it using the buttons and wait. Setting it to 50 won’t do anything.

This is sufficient for my specific case but of course an insufficient workaround in general.

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