Moeshouse BRT-100 TRV pairing with deconz


I recently bought a Moes BRT-100 TVR to test it out before buying them for the rest of the house. However I have tried to pair in Home Assistant with deconz in the phoscon app but have been unsuccessful.

Has anyone had an luck in pairing?

I’m using a Conbee 2 usb stick for my zigbee network.

Any help would be appreciated


There is an open device request here:

I have the same device, but unable to control from HA yet.

Not sure this helps you but I have connected to the BRT-100 TRV using a Conbee 2 via Zigbee2MQTT.

I had initially connect the Conbee 2 to deConz and everything seemed OK.

I can now see the TRV in home assistant (via MQTT). It all seems to be working. Zigbee2MQTT picked up the device instantly.

If you need any additional info I’m happy to help if I can.

same identical problem

I just posted same sort of issue, slightly differnt setup, but i am also unable to actaully control it.