Monitoring NVMe drive health in a Home Assistant Yellow

In a Yellow installation, a lot of data is written to NVMe drive if it’s present. And NVMe drives have a limited lifetime. There will be a point where all the drives will start to fail and users may lose their data.

So if there is a way to monitor the health of the drive, it can be really helpful for users. User should get a notification if the drive is close to it’s lifetime.

I’m not saying this is a bad idea. I like it.
However an NVME lifetime, especially if it’s half full or less, is enormous. It moves the data around to different places and does not write in the same spot over and over like happened on SD cards in Pi’s. Also it knows how to handle errors unlike SD cards and can predict failure. I always just buy one 2x what I think I’ll ever need and at that point it will very likely outlive the computer.

Perhaps as an addition to your request, being able to see the ‘smart’ status of this and all drives would be a better request, as that tells you a lot of things…

If you think it’s a good idea, you should vote for it. I did…
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You are right. But hear me out. It’s a community project with a lot of contributors. So developers can unknowingly introduce bugs that can chew the SSD pretty fast. Even though it will take a lot if read/write cycles to destroy the drive, it’s still possible. At some point it’s going to be a silent failure. If we have some proactive monitoring with it, at least users can take some actions. And eventually the developers can address it.

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Do I understand that hardware monitoring is what you are after? It could be used on any HA system to monitor hardware something like performance monitor on Windows where you can check any/all to look after/log.