Monoprice Multizone - bass, treble, balance controls?

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I know that the functionality exists, and prior to using HA to control this amp, I used a windows application that provided similar functionality (minus the automations) but with controls for bass, treble, balance, etc.

Is there a way to make these audio adjustments currently, or will this require an update?


I would love to see this addition to the integration as well. It would be really nice to have those bass, treble, and balance controls. Announcement functionality also exists (i.e., to permit a message to be sent to all zones), but getting bass, treble, and balance going would be the highest priority. Thanks also go to those who have built this integration for Home Assistant!!!


If it can helps, i’ve coded (but i’m so bad) theses features on another integration (


Thanks, jaywax! I wish I could code so I could incorporate your work into HomeAssistant. Hopefully someone else who has the knowledge and skill can take this and run with it.