More houses, one app


it would be helpful for people with more than one home assistant setup that the official mobile app to manage more than one home at the same time. Similarly, it would be great the ability to add a button or a link in the sidebar to go to other house home assistant main page.


you can use remote home assistant integration to import your other instance’s entities to your main instance and make a new dashboard where you can add all your lovelace tabs

Your suggestion is good and works fine but it’s a workaround.
E.g. what’s about differents users on different installations?
What we need is a simple link between two or more installations and a simple mode to switch in the app.



I will avoid getting into implementation details and just ask for a new requirement: Support for Multiple Remote Installations. Probably a lot a ways to get this done and it may effect more than just the mobile app.

I live 5 mo at one location and 7 mo at the other. Currently I have on one NABU Casa account but I would gladly add another account if the Mobile App supported multiple accounts. Ideally a NABU Casa account would support multiple locations (I would willing pay extra for multiple installations).

Good time to necro a thread :smiley:

But you will have to 2 different accounts for the 2 instances
As per their FAQ:

This is not possible. It would require large changes to how the service works and our current focus is on evaluating and improving the stability and scale of a single instance per subscription.