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More Simple Thermostat Control?

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I realize the separate setpoints for heating or cooling modes are inbuilt into most thermostats, and how they also present themselves over z-wave, but is there a way to have a much simpler interface by only showing a single entity on a card, vs. an entity for heat, and entity for cool, and an entity for automatic, etc.?

It would be nice to have one entity visible, clicking into it will allow you to choose the mode and fan, and then the relevant set point shown is updated to be for the current mode selected. Far cleaner method with less clutter.

Anyone have a custom config that essentially provides this?

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Is my Trane thermostat unlike others? I’m not hearing other people talking about this…

Thought I ran across a solution here: Possible to break out items in climate?

But after looking at the recommended automations, all it does it changes states of the cooling entity. If I were to do that, and change the mode to heat, the target temperature set for cooling will no longer apply to heat. My Trane has distinct target temperatures for each mode of operation it seems, or atleast heating and cooling.

I’m using a Trane TZEMT524

ETA: Thinking about using visibility to change the visible entity based on what current mode is selected: https://home-assistant.io/docs/configuration/group_visibility/


My Trane automatically shows as (4) separate climate.entities and a separate sensor.entity.

I have seen a few people note only (1) entity then they cannot set heat or cool temp. I believe the thermostat showing as single item may be rare case. I start using this before OZWCP was combined to HA so maybe that has some impact


Did you ever figure out a solution. I also have the tzemt524, and it is just frustrating…


No. forgot about it and recently came to my attention again.
decided to use generic thermostat component and use automations to tie that to the zwave thermostat.

really I just want ability to adjust up/down the heat/cool settings in single location. I think after that the thermostats auto setting will take care of rest. also maybe some away temp settings but really this is seperate automation and not controls related.


At first I started using lovelace and some of the dynamic features it had. Then another member mentioned this: Dual Thermostat Card

It works perfect, I highly recommend it!


Thanks I’ll give it a look. My biggest issue is google home it doesn’t know how to handle all of them.