Most Compatible Thermostat for HA?

Hey team!
I’ve just had a Vaillant ecoFIT pure 835 combi boiler installed at my property and I need to install a thermostat or some other equivalent hardware.

I have two questions:

  • Which off-the-shelf thermostat has the best compatibility with home-assistant? By best compatibility I mean something which works reliably and ideally has push capabilities. Local network support would be a bonus but not a deal breaker for me.

  • My second question is whether something simple like a Shelly relay switch could work instead of a thermostat. I’m no boiler or electrical engineer so I’m slightly out of my depth but I wonder if the relay (which could be controlled via HA with no issues) could be used to turn on/off the hot water for the radiators. Has anyone done this before?

Thank you :slight_smile:

There are a number of compatible thermostats that have great integrations with HA. I have the wiser system ( disclaimer - myself and @Angelo_Santagata write and maintain the integration for this in HACS).

You can start with a simple single thermostat option and expand it to have TRVs on every radiator to have a heating schedule for individual rooms. We even have card to manage these schedules via the UI in HA. Its also local control as opposed to cloud which is different from many of the other big brands.

Link to our github explaining the integration

Our forum page

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Thanks Mark! Any plans to submit it as a native integration in HA? I think there was mention of that in the repo.

Not at this time no. We did look into this but would have to strip it back significantly to be allowed to add to core repo and we didnt want to do that. Also HACs allows us to fix issues / add new features on our timetable and not have to wait for PRs to be approved.

It is however widely used and stable.

Thanks mate. Tempted to get one - just waiting to see what the latest is on all the recent disconnect issues people are having. Bad firmware maybe?