Motion-controlled multiroom speakers with manual override

Hi all, I thought I’d share this project.
This was inspired by (and credited to) @Vance terrific motion-controlled lights.

  • In my setup I’m using forked_daapd (AKA OwnTone) integration for multiroom sync. I’m sure someone can adapt this blueprint to use sonos.join or similar for your own use-case
  • This would be much more streamlined once the new(-ish) media_player.join is implemented by these integrations

See my gist for two blueprints.
To enable motion-control, you will need to create one of each, for every media_player:

  • Blueprint #1 configures a presence_entity (= motion sensor) which will trigger playback for the player, and stop playback once no motion detected for [x] minutes
  • Blueprint #2 creates the override: if the media player is turned on/off manually, it will turn_off the automation above for a [x] minutes
    So if you’re sitting still and reading, and the music turns off… you can manually turn on the speaker next to you, and it won’t turn off just because there’s no motion in the room

Again, lots of credit to @Vance :clap:
Thoughts and/or improvements are more than welcome!